OXCGN’s Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions

PREVIEW_Dead space 3

OXCGN’s Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions

Freezing never felt so good

by Kent Sobey

©2013 Kent Sobey

dead space 3 3“Why won’t you just DIE?!”

This is probably a sentence that you’ll be thinking to yourself over and over again when you get a chance to play the Dead Space 3 demo. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be screaming it at the TV in a mad panic just trying to stay alive yourself.

The demo gives you two options to whet your appetite before the 7th of February when the game is actually released.

You can go at it alone and give the single player a try, or play the same section of the game with a buddy – or in my case, some random stranger on Xbox Live.

Cloudy with a chance of… nope, just snow

dead space 3 screenshots oxcgn #11I decided to start with the single player, just to get a feel for what was going on (and because I was so excited I just wanted to get going right away). The first thing that struck, and it was almost immediate, is how great it looks.

Graphically, I haven’t seen many games that look this beautiful. The lighting, the footprints in the snow, and even the debris lying around all look fantastic.

After a quick reminder of how to play Dead Space you get right into the action with your first Necromorph attack. “Hang on, this doesn’t look like any Necromorph I’ve ever seen, it has a pick axe!”

Awed by this new foe, I almost forgot to actually shoot at it. And just when I thought I had actually killed it, it got right back up and grew some new tentacle things. Fantastic and horrifying all at once.

dead space 3 screenshots oxcgn #2Being set in a new environment, you can expect a whole lot of new types of Necromorphs. The demo only provides a small taste of what is to come, but it certainly was enough to get me excited.

After a couple of extremely tense set pieces you’ll come across something else new to the series, the Bench. I know you’re all thinking that the bench is not actually new to the series, but this bench is. They have changed it up quite a bit.

With this new bench you can actually modify your weapons, or even create entirely new ones with spare parts that you’ve found lying around.

The limited length of the demo obviously means that you’re not going to have that many parts to play with, but there are a few in there to give you an idea of how it will work. Personally, I am really looking forward to crafting something badass.

Another new thing that’s been added to the series is a cover system. A lot of people were worried that this might just turn the game into another Gears of War clone, but the truth is that it doesn’t.

It isn’t really a cover system so much as just being able to duck; and it’s something that you absolutely have to do, because this time around, things are shooting back at you – both human and Necromorph.

dead space 3 screenshots oxcgn #3The great thing about adding other humans to the mix is that there is a little more intelligence to deal with.

They don’t just run and you trying to eat your head; they take cover and even try and flank you which adds a little bit of a challenge to the killing (not that there wasn’t enough already).

Double the terror

dead space 3 screenshots oxcgn #12… and just like that it’s over.

Just when you’re getting into it, the Dead Space 3 banner appears and you’re back at the menu wishing the game was out already. That’s when I decided to give the co-op mode a go because I wasn’t quite done yet.

I tried to join a game thinking that there would be no one online to play with, and just like that I was matched with a partner. I joined someone else who was obviously playing the demo for the first time as Isaac, and I took the role of Carver, a new character.

The whole experience then changed for me.

dead space 3 screenshots oxcgn #8The dialogue was different, the Quick Time Events were different and the story (while basically the same) had some minor differences.

I even had a different suit and weapons to play with. Carver is a soldier while Isaac is an engineer, so you can imagine the difference between their weapons – I won’t spoil the surprise.


dead space 3 screenshots oxcgn #5I could go for ages about how much I enjoyed this demo, but that would mean there’d be no point in you playing it for yourself.

All I can say is this: if you had any reservations about weather this new take on Dead Space wouldn’t be scary, you can let them go because if the demo is anything to go by, it will be.

The cover system that people were worried about changing the game fits in really well, and the co-op works flawlessly.

All in all, if the game is as good as the demo it’s going to be amazing.

©2013 Kent Sobey

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I'm an American from steamy Louisiana, one of the most electronically deprived areas of the United States. I've gamed since I was four years old as a result, and plan to do it onto my deathbed. I discovered I could write in June of 2010 when I started a little site called Fans of The Genre with a few friends, and that eventually collapsed three months after due to social lives kicking in. No less than two weeks after that I discovered OXCGN via the community gamer gab competition, and become a staff member shortly after. In February of 2011 I was welcomed to the Editorial staff, then in March of 2012 I was promoted to co-owner... and here I am!

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