THQ Pays Saints Row Tribute in Final Moments


THQ Pays Saints Row Tribute in Final Moments

Pour one for the homies

by Nicholas Laborde

©2013 Nicholas Laborde

saints row the third screenshots oxcgn #20Through this generation, we’ve seen many developers come and go.

Over the past few years, THQ has been in financial trouble, and declared bankruptcy recently.

A few days ago, their franchises were auctioned off to the highest bidders.

It’s a sad day for the gaming community, as the body of THQ was thrown to the vultures and picked clean.

Even in the midst of losing their jobs, the employees of THQ kept their spirits up.

Today was the company’s last day of operation, and in its final moments, they paid tribute to Saints Row.

This one’s for the homies

I’ll let the video below speak for itself.

In their final moments, the employees cracked open a 40 ounce drink and poured it out on the front steps of the entrance of the building, “for all of you… and the THQ and Saints homies.”

This is a reference to the Saints Row games, where you poured a 40oz drink on dead homies to revive them.

Unfortunately, THQ isn’t coming back anytime soon, but thankfully their franchises will live on through other publishers.

©2013 Nicholas Laborde

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I'm an American from steamy Louisiana, one of the most electronically deprived areas of the United States. I've gamed since I was four years old as a result, and plan to do it onto my deathbed. I discovered I could write in June of 2010 when I started a little site called Fans of The Genre with a few friends, and that eventually collapsed three months after due to social lives kicking in. No less than two weeks after that I discovered OXCGN via the community gamer gab competition, and become a staff member shortly after. In February of 2011 I was welcomed to the Editorial staff, then in March of 2012 I was promoted to co-owner... and here I am!

4 thoughts on “THQ Pays Saints Row Tribute in Final Moments”

    1. The list is:

      Developer: Volition (Saints Row, Red Faction)
      Buyer: Koch Media (Dead Island publisher)

      Developer: Relic (Warhammer: Dawn of War, Company of Heroes 2)
      Buyer: SEGA

      Developer: THQ Montreal (South Park: Stick of Truth)
      Buyer: Ubisoft

      Developer: Turtle Rock (upcoming game codenamed Evolve)
      Buyer: Take Two (owners of Rockstar and 2K)

      IP: Homefront 2
      Buyer: Crytek (the developers of Homefront 2, bought the IP themselves so they can finish it)

      IP: Metro
      Buyer: Koch Media

      Developer: Vigil (Darksiders 2)
      Buyer: None. However, Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) and Sony Santa Monica (God of War) have since expressed interest. Nothing concrete yet though.


      1. Actually, Ubisoft bought THQ Montreal and South Park: The Stick of Truth as separate items. SP:TSoT is being developed by Obsidion, who remains independent. Although, I have heard that South Park Studios may be fighting Ubisoft on the aquisition in the bankruptcy court.


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