OXCGN’s Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Review


OXCGN’s Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Review

Hitting the right mark?

by Kent Sobey

© 2013 Kent Sobey

sniper-ghost-warrior-2-screenshots-oxcgn-1.5There are few things that we gamers enjoy as much as a good sniper mission in a game, but can a game completely focused on sniping hold our attention the whole way through?

If anyone remembers playing Sniper: Ghost Warrior (the predecessor to this title) then they might remember being constantly frustrated by having the wrong tool for the job. A sniper rifle just does not work for a ‘run and gun’ title.

Fortunately, City Interactive learnt their lesson and moved away from run and gun and focussed much more heavily on actual sniping. In fact, it is now so focussed on sniping that you don’t actually get to use anything but sniper rifles and a pistol.

The question is now, is that a better approach?

First glance

sniper ghost warrior 2 screenshots oxcgn #3At first glance Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 looks great; the long draw distances and great jungle textures look good. But when you get a closer look, you start to see the square plants, and lots of visual bugs.

It doesn’t quite ruin the experience, but I can’t help but think that they really should have done better.

The AI is also something that really has to be questioned. You would think these days a developer would be able to create a semi (pseudo) intelligent enemy. If you knew there was a sniper in the bush that you couldn’t quite see but was firing at you, would you stand out in the open waiting to get shot? Maybe they all just wanted to die? Again I have to say, they should have done better here.

Still, even though the enemies are as dumb as they come, they are fun to shoot at.

Air speed velocity

sniper ghost warrior 2 screenshots oxcgn #2There are some very clever ideas in the game that definitely give it some points.

The bullet drop and wind factor both need to be taken into account when you’re firing your weapon, so it’s not just a case of pointing at the bad guy and pulling the trigger.

Another great feature is the recoil. If you pull the trigger fast and furiously, you get a whole lot of recoil. However, if you take your time and squeeze it gently you’ll get much less, making your next shot a whole lot easier.

It’s a really nice idea that makes you think about each and every shot you take, like a real sniper would.

Stealth mode

sniper ghost warrior 2 screenshots oxcgn #1As a sniper you would want to keep yourself concealed as much as possible and the game has done a good job of focussing on this.

You have a stealth metre and you spend a lot of time picking off enemies in the right order so as to not attract attention. Again, this makes you feel like a real sniper.

Sadly though, all of these nice features are not enough to distract you from how weak the story is, and how short the campaign is.

There’s literally no substance in the story – in fact at one point I even skipped a cut scene without noticing until later, something that I never ever do – especially when I am playing a game to review it.


sniper-ghost-warrior-2-screenshots-oxcgn-7When you’ve finished with the single player you can give the multiplayer a try.

Oh no wait, you can’t… not really at least. I sat in a lobby for about 20 minutes before the game actually started – this is because the host of the lobby has to actually start the game. Who decided this was a good idea?

Once I finally got into a game the connection dropped and I had to start again.

Because I am a diligent reviewer, I sat for another few minutes waiting to find a game and for it to actually start.

Bingo, team deathmatch! In a 20 minute game I got killed 4 times and got 2 kills myself. Now I know the game is supposed to make you feel like a sniper, but that’s just boring.

sniper-ghost-warrior-2-screenshots-oxcgn-8They could have changed the formula a little bit for multiplayer – we all know the engine is capable of it since Crysis 2 did it.

I can say with some certainty that the multiplayer aspect of the game was only added because all games have to have a multiplayer component these days. Well frankly, they shouldn’t have bothered because no one is going to play it.


sniper-ghost-warrior-2-screenshots-oxcgn-9I really want to like this game because there are some very cool ideas in there, but I just can’t.

The developers were lazy and even with the massive delays with the release of the game, it still feels rushed. With a little more effort I think this game could have been amazing – but it’s not.

In a lot of ways the game is a step in the right direction from the first title, but it could have been so much better, and that frustrates me.


© 2013 Kent Sobey

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