OXCGN’s Exclusive Deadfall Adventures Interview

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OXCGN’s Exclusive Deadfall Adventures Interview

“Please don’t expect it to copy Uncharted”

by David Hilton and Nicholas Laborde

© 2013 David Hilton

Deadfall_screenshot_1_oxcgnWhen I first saw the Deadfall Adventures trailer I breathed a little sigh of joy.

No space marine.  No modern soldier.  No blown up warehouses.

Here was what looked like a First Person Indiana Jones game; a game with a sense of adventure instead of dread for the fate of the world.

We jumped at the chance to discover more about the game and see what the developers were going to be striving for.

Deadfall_screenshot_2_oxcgnArthur Falkowski is the producer at The Farm 51, the Polish studio behind Necrovision and Painkiller: Pain and Damnation.

Reinhard Pollice is the Business & Product Development Director at Swedish publisher Nordic Games.

We asked them to elaborate on what we saw in the video.

Deadfall Adventures Interview

Deadfall_screenshot_3.2_oxcgnOXCGN: Is Deadfall Adventures taking place purely in the jungle, or will we journey to other places?

There seemed to be a desert as well?

What locations and environments will feature in the game?

Reinhard: No, we will of course not only feature jungle environments.

Naturally an adventurous journeys covers a lot of different places.

In Deadfall Adventures we will see Egypt, the Arctic, the Guatemalan jungle and Mayan ruins, as well as a few other special places, but these are the basic environments we feature in the game.

OXCGN: How much of the game is combat versus puzzle solving?

Reinhard: That’s difficult to say because it’s highly dependent on our last polishing phase which is still ahead of us.

Our aim is towards a 60:40 respectively or 70:30 split up of combat versus puzzle solving.

OXCGN: Is the game open world or fairly linear?

Deadfall_screenshot_5_oxcgnArthur: We will focus on telling one great adventure.

The whole story will therefore be mostly linear but we have a lot of optional things to discover.

All the locations we play in have hidden treasures that can give you a great advantage. Moreover some of the puzzles will have more than only one solution.

OXCGN: How big a plot focus will there be? Is it to drive the gameplay, or will the story be a major feature of the game? What is the basic story?

Reinhard: The story is a major feature.

It is about our protagonist James Lee Quatermain who gets dragged into an adventure that features artefact hunting, Germans and Russians as well as a lot of mystical creatures and long  forgotten places with unique treasures to discover.

Of course gameplay is important as well. We want to make the player feel that he is a hero of a classic adventure movie, so the story and gameplay should mix seamlessly.

Deadfall_screenshot_4_oxcgnOXCGN: Would you say the game is going for the action-adventure feel like titles Uncharted and Tomb Raider, or with more of a focus in one direction (puzzles, exploration, shooting).

Arthur: We think that combat will slightly dominate.

But puzzle solving will definitely play a dominant role in our game too.

We focused a lot on creating distinct puzzles that fit the environments we are playing in.

I didn’t count any of those gameplay parts separate to the exploration, but there are definitely a lot of things to discover.

OXCGN: The game is in the First Person: are you aiming to capture the attention of the Call of Duty shooter crowd or the Uncharted/ Tomb Raider crowd, or both by combining the adventure and shooter genres?

I think it is great to make a lush adventure style shooter instead of another space marine or modern combat one.

Deadfall_screenshot_6_oxcgnReinhard: The first person decision was made because we think it better suits the combat gameplay we want to create.

As I said we want to make a player to feel like he/she is in the centre of action; that’s why we have decided on FPP.

We don’t think about recreating other game experiences.

That’s a true challenge of today’s game developer’s life as there are so many games out there that already try to create a lot of gameplay experiences.

I think that fans of action games will like our game, but please don’t expect a gameplay experience that copies Uncharted, Tomb Raider or Call of Duty.

OXCGN: Do the comparisons to games like Uncharted bother you, or are you excited to be making a game that is being compared with great adventure games of this sort?

Reinhard: We are a bit bothered because it can lead to prejudice or different expectations.

As we all know, what comes after expectation is disappointment- not necessarily because of a bad experience but rather because of different expectations.

But generally we are very excited to bring our interpretation of the lost world genre.

Deadfall_screenshot_7_oxcgnOXCGN: Will any kind of multiplayer or cooperative component be in the game?

Arthur: There is multiplayer, but no cooperative component.

Of course there are game modes in multiplayer that will feature cooperative actions but no story cooperative mode.

OXCGN: How long has your team been developing this title?

Arthur: The Farm 51 has been developing it since Spring 2011.

OXCGN: What has been the most challenging aspect of developing this game?

Reinhard: The most difficult part was to combine all the ideas and thoughts we had in the team to fit our story ideas and the genre we have our game set.

Now it’s about finding the right balance and making it the experience everybody wants and expects from the game.

OXCGN: Are you still on target for a July release?

Arthur: Yes, we are still on track for the late July release we planned.

OXCGN: What platforms will you be releasing on?

Reinhard: PC and Xbox 360.

Playstation 3 is an option for the future but then we have to do a lot of technical optimisation.

Other than this we are also certified on the Nintendo Wii U.

We really want to bring out a Wii U game but we are still not sure if the market is taking it up enough.

Deadfall Adventures, the first-person action adventure is set to explode onto Xbox 360 and PC screens on July 30th 2013.

Deadfall Adventures Announcement Trailer

© 2013 David Hilton

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