Why EA Australias Dine With DICE Makes Me Love The Industry

Dine with DICE

Why EA Australias Dine With DICE Makes Me Love The Industry


by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

dinedice_155Not to sound pretentious or high and mighty, but I thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday evenings Dine With DICE, that was hosted by the awesome folks at EA Australia.

In anticipation for the release of Battlefield 4 on October 31st on top of the fact that it’s featured at the EB EXPO which is currently running, a group of roughly 20 selected media and a few community were invited to engage with a 5 course degustation dinner with each meal named after a feature in Battlefield 4.

In attendance on the night was Creative Director at DICE, Lars Gustavsson, who prior to each meal would divulge in a little bit of backstory regarding the reason behind including each of the 5 feature sin Battlefield 4.

Not only was this quite informative but it helped me understand how these features help make the game better in various aspects.

Now before I go any further those of you who know me know that, I don’t get any type of revenue for the website. I worked during the week and on weekends and in my down time or when I can I do my best with the site.

dinedice_009I’ve got a group of guys who have the same passion as me and just want to get their name out there.

Whether or not they or I get paid for it, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter though is that for all my hard work and hours dedicated to the site, this is how I’m rewarded. With great food, awesome entertainment and being surrounded by people I actually enjoy having a conversation with.

Speaking of food, I’m not used to small portions in the form of a degustation dinner but I decided to put the weights down for the night and the usual chicken and rice to divulge in something different.

Frostbite 3.0

dinedice_064Up first was this dish amply named Frostbite 3.

In order to immerse ourselves in the real world environment this dish was based around the desert and featured, Parmesan custard, tomato, sand and consomme.

My taste buds were certainly intrigued by the taste. The Parmesan and sand created a dry effect countered by the juicy innards of the tomato they were covering.

With Frostbite 3 Lars explained that for the new generation of hardware they needed to update their current engine to allow them to do bigger and better things. Frostbite 3 allows them to do that to a great extent and it’s also a pleasure he said to see the engine being used for other EA titles as well such as Need for Speed: Rivals and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare to name a few.


dinedice_095This was my favourite looking meal of the night, by far.

To represent the destruction and residue caused by a falling building this meal was constructed atop a smoking box. As you can see from the photo the box is literally smoking as you eat this would be due to the dry ice inside.

It’s a crazy experience to eat the toast, foie gras, bonito and olive off of it, that’s for sure.

Of course this dish is named after the coined term Levolution, that as explained by Lars unfortunately stuck during development of the game and because of other more important issues was never changed.

Commander Mode

dinedice_148Making a triumph return to the Battlefield series, is Commander Mode.

This dish which was made up of, venison, beetroot and horseradish was accompanied by cross-hairs, which in the game Commander Mode lets players take control of the battlefield in a different way that could make or break your team.

It was by far the tastiest dish and the meat itself was soft and succulent.

Due to the feedback of Commander Mode back when Battlefield 2 was released, fans of the series have longed for it’s return and because of the ever increasing popularity of multiplayer, DICE thought that now was the best time to re-introduce the feature with a few slight tweaks to make it better.


10598_10202017747344613_1756501406_nBattlelog is your way of knowing how to tide the outcome of a battle in your favour. With a tactical view of the battlefield, you’ll be able to track squad mates, highlight attack points on the mini map, on top of still being able to check your progression from your mobile device or tablet.

As we all love stat progression it was only fitting to have our next meal in the shape of a grenade.

This meal included, a chocolate encasing filled with plum, boysenberry and raspberry. The finishing touches to this however was the inclusion of pop-rocks within the grenade to create that blast feeling.

It was certainly a surprise and it was the hit of the night.

All Out Warfare

dinedice_187 (1)The last dish of the night was a showcase of just how crazy Battlefield 4 can get at times.

A flaming sorbet accompanied by blood peach, apricots and fairy floss PLUS random shell casing around the plate.

It was the last dish of the night and by that time I believe I had been filled with various types of wines and so many different tastes I wasn’t ready for another dessert.

It definitely encompassed all out warfare with just how much was on the plate and it still managed to taste quite good.


dinedice_100I honestly don’t think the night would have been the same if it hadn’t been for a good friend of mine, Nicholas Simonovski. He was in attendance for Stevivor.com and of course since we share almost similar views it was best we sat next to each other and enjoyed what the night had to offer.

We commented on a variety of topics from the food, exercising in the gym, lifestyle, next gen hardware and the usual guy talk when catching up after a long hiatus.

We both witnessed a few spectacles as well in the form of entertainment for the night.

First we had a couple who did a duet with violins. They played the Battlefield 1942 on their violins, the male lead balanced a sword, an axe and a flaming mantle piece on his chi on top of balancing his partner on his shoulders for an impressive intermission.

The second act of the night was a speed painter by the name of Brad Blaze.

dinedice_164He managed within 10 minutes of course, to paint the man on fire on the cover of Battlefield 4’s box art, upside down too.

It was awesome to watch him create this painting to some dramatic music whilst we sat in anticipation of the final product.

I must say it turned out to be quite the spectacle to watch.

This was, without a doubt an awesome intimate evening with EA, fellow journalists and DICE talking about the game and its features.

Definitely one of the classiest events I have been privileged to attend.

dinedice_172I’m not IGN or Gamespot nor do I want to be, but to be held in the same regards among those in the industry who have been around for years, I definitely feel honored.

It’s great reward for someone like myself who doesn’t get paid to do what he does.

I do this because I love the industry, I love playing games and I love meeting new people and travelling the world covering a passion of mine.

As long as the company is as good as the food and the entertainment I don’t see myself ever moving onto something else in the future.

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

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