EB Games Australia – PS4 Launch more than double the size of PS3’s!


EB Games Australia – PS4 Launch more than double the size of PS3’s!

Australia welcomes in the next generation in style with EB Games!

by Jayden Perry

EB Games have today released a Press Release detailing the success of the Playstation’s Launch in Australia. Over three hundred EB stores opened at midnight last night so Australian gamers could celebrate the launch in style. The launches were huge, the biggest console releases seen in Australia so far and more than double the scale of the Playstation 3‘s launch in 2007.

As an attendee of my local store’s launch I can say that it was very exciting to see gamers all over Australia lining up to collect the much sought after Playstation 4 consoles and quite a fun event to attend, even if I didn’t get to go to the big one in Liverpool!

Some of the launch events saw members of the cosplay community showing off their amazing costumes, like Mad Maven, Sparta Cos and Something Wicked Cosplay showing up to liven up the already exciting event.

Cosplayers and Community Manager Kelsey at the launch!
Cosplayers and Community Manager Kelsey at the launch!

The press release is as follows;

PlayStation 4 Launches: more than double the size of Playstation 3

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – November 29, 2013. EB Games is celebrating a hugely successful launch of the PlayStation 4 console, with over 321 stores opening their doors at midnight for customers.

Shane Stockwell, Merchandising Director, stated that the launch of the Playstation 4 has surpassed the size of the Playstation 3 by more than double. “This was one of the biggest console launches of all time, and was twice the size of the Playstation 3 launch we saw in 2007. Demand for the Playstation 4 is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and we are currently taking preorders for shipments in early 2014.”

Debra McGrath, National Brand, Engagement & Events Manager attended the Official EB Store Launch at Liverpool last night and stated, “The atmosphere onsite was electric. It’s awesome to see the entire community come together to get involved and celebrate, particularly those who’ve never witnessed a console launch. Thousands of fans came out last night to witness and be a part of the beginning of a new generation, for both technology and the games community.”

“The passionate customers that showed up to our launches last night have had their PS4 preorder since before July this year – in some cases the preorders were placed so long ago that our EB World program didn’t even exist,” said McGrath. “The first preorder for the next Playstation was put down way back on the 5th of July, 2011 – this just demonstrates how much these fans love the Sony brand. We wanted to make sure we looked after them, and helped make their night memorable”

Customers who have not yet secured a PlayStation 4 are able to confirm a position in a queue for 2014 in any EB Games store and online at www.ebgames.com.au.

A big thanks goes out to EB Games for hosting such amazing events for gamers, and to their amazing teams in stores, at head office and in the social media team.

Even Buck, the EB Bunny, got in on the PS4 action!
Even Buck, the EB Bunny, got in on the PS4 action!

For those of you lucky enough to nab themselves a Playstation 4 unit, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am. For more news on the Playstation 4 keep and eye out on our home page, and you can also read our Playstation 4 review here!

©2013 Jayden Perry

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Jayden Perry

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