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Opinion: Games given 9/10 shouldn’t be beaten in less than 2 hours

Does a 90 minute game deserve 9/10’s?

If you’re a fan of Metal Gear Solid and can’t quite wait to get your hands on Ground Zeroes, it might be worth waiting for a pre-owned copy or something in the bargain bin, as some gamers are complaining about the game length, beating the main story mission in less than 2 hours.

Currently, the average time to beat MGS Ground Zeroes is 1 and a half hours, according to at the time of writing this article.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has just come out to certain parts of the world and it’s getting some fantastic reviews from certain publications, with both Edge Magazine and Eurogamer giving the game a score a 9/10. Multiple large gaming sites have given this game other great scores, with little  mention of it’s short play through time. Even with a bit of negative criticism due to it’s short length, the game still has a Metacritic score of 75/100 (as of March 20th, 2014).

Some rather high scores from major gaming websites, while some mentioning the game is short, it doesn’t seem to effect the overall score given to the game.

Now, I understand that MGS Ground Zeroes, if anything, is an introduction to Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, but even then, it’s a glorified, expensive demo, having to pay $29 US or $49 AUS (Thanks, Australian games industry).

When did it become OK to make a game this short and slap that high of a price tag on it? Now, it’s understandable that it’s cheaper than your average AAA-title, but the length of a game like this should almost be online only, and significantly cheaper.

Take Dead Rising 2: Case Zero for example. It was a short intro into Dead Rising 2 and was priced at $4.99US on XBL Marketplace. Now, you normally wouldn’t expect much from a downloadable title that costs 5 bucks, right?

3 hours isn’t bad for a game that costs you five bucks.

A $5 game on XBLA is DOUBLE the length of something that costs at least SIX times as much. How is such a high price tag justified for such a short game, that could technically be called a demo or an introduction to Phantom Pain?

If you base your gaming purchases on reviews, one would assume this is a must-buy, but these review scores don’t pass on things like value or length of time required to complete said game.

Perhaps if Arthur took in consideration how long the main story takes to beat in Dark Souls II, he would have given it a 10/10.


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3 thoughts on “Opinion: Games given 9/10 shouldn’t be beaten in less than 2 hours”

  1. I agree with this article. I think the value of the game has to be taken into consideration.if you have a 90 minute game that costs you $29.99 then the value’s not there. This should be reflected in the score. I’ve played $5 games that have lasted longer than 90 minutes and they give far more value


  2. I don’t mind a 2 hours game like Journey getting a 9/10 because it deserves it but GZ is just a paid demo!


  3. I agree entirely with this article. I think scores are seriously being trivialized in the industry now. Though I haven’t played Ground Zero, it does sound short, and it’s a sigh of game prices going up, as devs are charging the same for lesser and lesser complete games.
    But back to the scores in general, with Titanfall being criticized for major omissions and modes, and also for rough net lag, it’s getting many near perfect scores, Resogun a nominal side scrolling space shooter scoring higher than the most coveted titles on the entire last generation.
    The gaming industry won’t improve with this being the general direction of things


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