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3D printing technology is becoming increasingly popular,you can 3D printer DIY at home and this will change in the future consumer market. Consumers do not let vendors decide what you wear, what to eat, what …. as long as their imagination, almost any commodity can be printed out. And is the world’s only just a personal brand merchandise.

But the price is still a biggest obstacle, the UK this company iMakr, based on the number of print pricing, 1 hour £ 10, this pair of high-heeled shoes print reporters spent 24 hours printing costs are £ 240 plus £ 10 of material costs, totaling £ 250.

Yourself if you want to print, a color it’s introductory paragraph, price £ 750 in the UK, as well as supplies costs not count, the price is also not very close to the people, it seems to be universal 3D printing probably not so easy.

In fact, with retail stores providing print services in London and other places have opened, it’s continue to capture market. Production 3D printers and assembly kit MarerBot company already opened in New York retail presence.

Online service providers such as Ponoko, Sculpteo and Shapeways have begun to accept the average consumer to build, according to the artist or other person making the design or 3D print objects personal needs.

If the prediction comes true will appear the following results: The majority of consumers do not understand “3D Printing” for 2D print three-dimensional objects regarding how to become confused. But as long as consumers can personally see the printing process and the finished, will be able to quickly understand the way the operation of this technology, as well as replacement parts produced by , toys, jewelry, how convenient.

Therefore, it’s sales surface will appear several phenomena:

1.Even if the price dropped $ 1,250, the relevant packages prices fell $ 400, with 2D printer about $ 100 a “base price” compared to the consumer is still too expensive.

2.Consumers buy related devices, you must experience what it is like 3D printing parts.

3.Printed material used is limited, but still enough to convince pilot-consumer (early-adopter consumer) buy a one.

4.CAD software is not common in the general family, but the Autodesk 123D Catch and 123D Make and other cloud services are available as an alternative, not necessarily versed in investment-related software or CAD design professional.

5.Print out of the parts often require coloring and coating operations to provide 3D printed parts suitable color and / or intensity.

6.With 2D printers and other electronic products the same is that retailers will rely on 3D printer manufacturer provides technical, operations and maintenance support.

Large multinational retailers the opportunity to bring this technology to the average consumer and to create revenue, including: sales, printers and supplies, as well as sales of personalized 3D Print product. One prospect is that retailers can not only sell printers, but also set up service stations to print customized goods or merchandise on display personalized version, which is an important consumer trends.

Another possibility is to use action show car touring various retail locations. Customers can shop in front of these fully functional show car provided by two to three printers, watching their own items (or personalized 3D products) bit by bit molding. Alternatively, consumers can also be set when shopping guest-made or personalized merchandise, until after shopping or every other day pickup.

In summary, we suggest retailers must evaluate sales 3D printer service and online business opportunities how large, because the market there are many types of consumers will lead the development of early stage technology early adopters. Some printer manufacturers have begun 2D to 3D printer manufacturer provide OEM service, but still need to continue to develop its own 3D printing IP. Business users must continue to focus development of related technologies to explore opportunities for improvement.