OXCGN’s The Simpsons Season 17 DVD Boxset Review

I think there are very few occasions where I come across an episode of The Simpsons that I haven’t seen before – I’d say I’m one of many people who can claim this fact. This however, does not tarnish what amusement one could garner from a day-long Simpsons DVD marathon. The Season 17 box set of the Simpsons is a nice compilation of the season’s episodes alongside some great commentary, special features and bonus episodes.

Firstly, I haven’t encountered many reviews where anyone has bothered to mention the case a game or movie comes in, but season 17 comes in a fine one. Like one of those foldable room dividers, the folder opens up into a meter long artwork depicting just about every character who ever appeared on the Simpsons. Inside lies the Playbill or “PlayKill”, as the theme of the box set is the Simpsons encounter with Sideshow Bob in Italy. It’s a nice piece, but it won’t fit into your DVD tower cabinet.


The episode list contains all of season 17’s episodes, as well as a bonus episode on disc 1’s special features from season 25. The season is a bit of a rollercoaster ride displaying a collection of both diamonds and lumps of coal. Some gems include ‘Treehouse of Horror XVI’ and ‘The Seemingly Never-ending Story.’ It hurts that there isn’t two treehouse of horror episodes per season; they always rank up as my favourite episodes, personally. The real diamond here though is “The Seemingly Never-ending Story”, an award-winning episode with Homer stuck in a cavern hole and Lisa telling an increasingly complicated story to pass the time. Unlike most episodes that I would rate based on the quality of the humour, this episode has some clever writing and surprising complexity.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 10.36.49 pm

The season has its coals, like ‘Million Dollar Abie’, which touches on some intense issues and deals with them in an odd way. It’s not to say The Simpsons isn’t a good medium to address things like suicide, but this episode didn’t hit the mark with its sensitivity. Unfortunately, a hunk of fossilized prehistoric plant tops off the season: ‘Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play.’ I couldn’t give you a list of its pros and cons, but the episode just missed the mark as a whole; there weren’t a lot of laughs in this one.


With some highs, some lows, and some damn fine cover art, season 17 is what it is: The Simpsons. Not really a cinematic masterpiece, nor is it Australia’s only season of Survivor level of bad. We love The Simpsons for being what it is, and this box set offers up just that.


  • Some real gem episodes in the 22-episode lineup.
  • Interesting and exclusive special features that make the purchase worth the money.


  • A few lackluster episodes, one of which finishes off the lineup on a bum note.
  • Though pretty, the case won’t last long being made of cardboard.


Season 17 of The Simpsons comes packaged up in a pretty, albeit flimsy folder, and offers up both extreme highs and some pretty deep lows. It’s a mixed bag, but it is what it is; The Simpsons.


The Simpsons Season 17 was provided to OXCGN by Fox Australia for review.

OXCGN’s Family Guy Season 13 Review

Celebrating Family Guy’s 200th’s Episode

Family Guy has always been a very entertaining series. The long running show created by Seth McFarlane began in 1999 and has produced over 230 episodes over its time on television. Season 13 is no different, keeping up the standard set by the previous series.

Featuring all 22 episodes of season 13, there’s a lot of great content here. Following the Griffin family, the series sees all sorts of crazy scenarios play out, from hunting down the criminal who paralysed Joe to an accidental space launch while Chris was on space camp.  There are some real highlights that stand out from the rest, my favourites including “Farmer Guy” which sees the family move to farm to start an illicit drug business in a take-off of Breaking Bad, and “Into Fat Air” where the gang decide to tackle the ultimate challenge of climbing Mount Everest.

The Griffin Family Tackles Mount Everest

Once again throughout the series we see a mashup of popular culture inspired hijinks and entertaining antics that Family Guy fans will love. This season also contains a special milestone episode, the series’ 200th episode.

The 200th episode of the show, entitled “Yug Ylimaf” is very much a focus of this DVD release. The episode centers around Brian and Stewie, in which they inadvertently cause time to run backwards caused by Brian’s misuse of the time machine. They must race against the clock to return time to normal, ultimately stopping Stewie from being unborn. This episode continues the theme of the other time travel focussed episodes, delivering quite a good amount of humour alongside a celebration of the show’s long history.

The Birth of Stewie in the 200th Episode

The DVD of season 13 also includes a plethora of special features and extra content, including the Comic Con panel, deleted scenes, a full additional episode animatic and a feature on the 200th episode. Aside from the core twenty-two episodes, there’s a fair amount of extra content here for the Family Guy aficionado.

As a whole, the latest season of the show delivers well on the fronts Family Guy is supposed to deliver on. It’s entertaining with a great sense of humour, pulling in a great amount of guest stars into the series as well. Even as the show is getting older, while some aspects begin to tire there’s always a wealth of new jokes and references to pull it back up to a high standard. With a lot of additional extras and some very interesting interviews with the cast and creators, this set has a lot for long time fans especially, but it’s guaranteed to still provide plenty of laughs for even new and casual viewers.

There’s No End to the Crazy Scenarios the Family Finds Themselves in!


+ Great amount of entertaining episodes

+ Plenty of additional extras for fans

+ 200th Episode


– Not the funniest season so far

– Some aspects of the series feel a little tired


Jayden Perry ©2014