OXCGN’s Sonic Lost World Review (Wii U)

Sonic Lost World

OXCGN’s Sonic Lost World Review for Wii U

Sonic Lost World, or Sonic Lost Cause?

by Yvan Zivkovic

Ah, Sonic. You were such a important impact in my childhood. Growing up with Sega consoles, I always looked forward to one of your new games. But now, how you have fallen from the platforming throne of the 16-bit era, once battling for the top mascot, you’re now selling your image for insurance commercials, appearing in a Disney movie, and cameoing in a game with your once arch rival!

Sega have made many attempts at the Sonic franchise, some great, like Sonic Generations, some not so great, like Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. So how does Sonic Lost World compare to Sonic games of the past?

Sonic Lost World - Level 1
Sonic in very familiar surroundings.

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Australian Retailer Clears Out Nintendo Stock, Including Wii U


Australian Retailer Clears Out Nintendo Stock, Including Wii U

With PS4 and Xbox One on the horizon, are retailers abandoning Nintendo?

by David Hilton

© 2013 David Hilton

Dick-Smith_109Today I got a strange email that initially I thought was a mistake.

It was from Australian retailer Dick Smith and after some ‘online exclusive’ deals it practically shouted that all Nintendo products, including consoles, were 50% off, “reduced to clear”.

And clear they have.  If you look here, the online white basic Wii U console pack sold for AUD$174 (was AUD$348) and the black premium console pack sold for AUD$214 (was AUD$428 at EB Games).

There are none left.  But this was surely some limited online deal right?

Wrong.  And it likely spells a more than symbolic turn in the Ninendo’s Wii U fortunes in Australia.

Nintendo struggling?

OXCGN’s WWE’13 Review

OXCGN’s WWE ’13 Review

Best In The World?

by Chris Fox

© 2012 Chris Fox

Like Christmas, Easter and my yearly long, hard look in the mirror, WWE has arrived on our consoles once again.

This time, WWE Champion CM Punk graces the cover and a whole new single player campaign based around the infamous Attitude Era is included.

The question is; does WWE ’13 raise the quality margin or is it simply a set of ditto marks under last year’s release?

Wrestle this way…

OXCGN’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review (Single Player)

OXCGN’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review (Single Player)

Is the story sacrificed on the multiplayer altar? 

by Kent Sobey

© 2012 Kent Sobey

Love it or hate it, the fact is that there’s never been a more successful franchise in the history of gaming. Some people might disagree, but Call of Duty has gone from strength to strength – especially when you look at the number of copies sold and the size of the multiplayer community.

Like it or not, Call of Duty is probably going to be around for a while yet.

Fortunately for me, I love it, and have done since the first release of Call of Duty so I expect a lot more from each new release to keep me hooked.

Black Ops 2 may be the sequel to 2010’s Black Ops, but release-wise, it is following Modern Warfare 3.

Since this is a single player review only, I will say that following Modern Warfare 3 will not be easy because it was fantastic.

Black Ops 2 review here

OXCGN’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted Review

OXCGN’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted Review

Is Need For Speed “Burning out”?

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

In an opening cutscene introducing the player to Fairhaven, you could be forgiven for believing you were watching a fan made Bond film.

From the moment the voice over details how to become the Most Wanted, the production value is nothing shy of perfection. It’s present throughout the game and it’s at its pinnacle when being introduced to each of the 10 Most Wanted racers in Fairhaven.

Evidently though, this is where Criterion‘s  Need For Speed: Most Wanted peaks and never really maintains this level of quality as you work your way through the 10+ hours you’ll sink into this game.

Need for Speed this way

OXCGN’s FIFA13 vs PES13 Derby Review

OXCGN’s FIFA13 vs PES13 Derby Review

Who wins the 2012 Premiership?

by : Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

EA and Konami have released their latest iterations in their respective football (soccer) franchises  and whilst in the last couple of years competition has been fairly stale, this year both studios have brought out the best in each other.

There’s a massive overhaul in both franchises from menu layouts, gameplay and added features. No stone has been left un-turned in bringing the most realistic representation of the world’s beautiful game.

I’ve split up this review in to different categories to directly compare certain aspects of both FIFA13 and PES13 (Pro Evolution Soccer 13) . We’ll start off with the what makes these football titles tick, the gameplay, as without it everything else practically falls apart.

Which of the two wins the 2012 Premiership?

FIFA 12 and PES 12 battle it out here

E3 2012 Snapshot: Day 1 New Games Previewed

OXCGN’s E3 2012 Snapshot: Day 1 New Games Previewed

Bite-sized previews, just the way you like ’em

by David Hilton

©2012 David Hilton


Games are ultimately what draws the press from around the world to Los Angeles for E3.  The chance to see, play, and preview the newest announced or displayed games from around the globe.

But that’s just for the press.

We don’t want you to completely miss out though, or wait for long detailed descriptions on the games you want to know about now.

So we are running around like chickens with our heads chomped off (by ZombiU zombies?) to give you mini-previews of as many games as possible.

Each day we’re going to list a short snippet regarding each game, listing what we “got” – whether that is hands-on time, a trailer, et cetera – our impressions based upon that, and then our thoughts.

Impressions are judged with a badge based upon the impression itself.

Green: game looks fantastic, polished and basically a guaranteed winner

Yellow: game looks great, but there’s a bit of uncertainty or something that didn’t quite work right

Orange: game is shaping up, but needs some work.

And now, let’s get down to business!

E3 2012 Game previews, click here

The Top Announcements We Want and Don’t Want at E3 2012

The Top Announcements of E3 2012

What We Want and Don’t Want

by exterminat

©2012 Nicholas Laborde

Ah, E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, gaming’s biggest event and easily the largest concentration of information throughout the year.

It’s in the air. Can you smell it? Feel it? Sense it? It’s right around the corner – in fact, from the time of this post, only thirty-seven days away – and this is when anticipation truly sets in and begins to build.

  • Will that hinted-at project be unveiled?
  • Will that sequel get announced?
  • Will that exclusive title go multiplatform?
  • Will Valve finally speak of Half-Life 2: Episode Three/Half-Life 3?
  • Will Star Wars: Battlefront III see the light of day?
  • Will Peter Molyneux claim his next title will cure cancer?
  • Will the new consoles be unveiled?
  • Will I have to sell my firstborn child to purchase said consoles?

It’s quite simply the most wonderful time of the year in the gaming scene, and everyone is ecstatic. But with every E3, there always comes the great anticipations, excitements and – of course – the disappointments and let downs. It’s a given with any E3.

OXCGN is proudly returning to the show floor to provide coverage like none other.

Until then, here are the top announcements we do and don’t want at E3 2012, in no particular order.

Is this the year that all our dreams come true? Read on to see!