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Guitar Hero is without a doubt one of the most innovative video games ever. Scores upon scores of games focus on playing sports, simulating battles on land and in outer space, or simulating driving, but only one allows you to step out on a virtual stage and attempt to play guitar with a famous band. Of course, playing the guitar is not easy and doing so in the concert-simulation format of Guitar Hero comes with challenges. That is the fun of the game. You are given a chance to rise up to the challenge and play the guitar like a rock and roll superstar.

Are you a bit frustrated with how your guitar playing is going? Don’t be. Here are a few tips and insights on how to get the most out of your Guitar Hero game sessions.

First, be sure you have all you need. There are three components you cannot do without: A working Xbox 360 or PlayStation 2, guitar controllers, and your preferred Guitar Hero game. (There is more than one volume of Guitar Hero. All are good)

Prepping yourself for the game is well advised. Jumping right in and playing wildly might be the enthusiastic approach, but it is not likely one that will contribute to any actual performance improvements. Warming up your hands and fingers with a few stretches and grip exercises is overlooked by most. Don’t you make this mistake.

There are different modes to the game and you want to pick the one that best suits your session.

Training mode, practice mode, and tutorial mode are available. You can select all these components prior to actually jumping into the more competitive aspect of the game. All of these modes allow you to get valuable experience while learning how to improve your craft. Success at Guitar Hero is only possible in the same way becoming a proficient “real” guitar player is possible. You have to learn the basics and spend a lot of time practice. Who knows? Guitar Hero may turn you into a solid legitimate guitar player when all is said and done.

In Guitar Hero, there are a lot of choices to select from in terms of the actual songs. Your favorite song to listen to, however, might not be the best song to choose when it comes to playing. For a beginner or someone struggling with developing his or her skills, picking an easy game is recommended. Do not pick a game that is outside your skill level. Go with a song appropriate to your abilities.

Guitar Hero has already categorized the skill levels required to play certain songs. There are fret buttons on the controller. The first three fret buttons are for “easy” songs. Medium level skills requires using four of the fret buttons. All five buttons are necessary for expert-level songs.

Frequency of play also factors into how solid your skills will develop. Playing once a week is not going to yield the same improvements as four times a week. Play often and try to improve. Good results will follow.