Is Apex Legends Cross Platform in 2023?

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Is Apex Legends Cross Platform in 2023

Does Apex Legends Support Cross Platform?

Yes, Apex Legends does support cross-platform play. It allows players from PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch to come together and compete in the popular battle royale game.

This enables users to team up with their friends regardless of the device they own, fostering a more inclusive gaming environment.

Apex Legends Crossplay: When Was It Released?

Apex Legends introduced cross-platform play in 2020. This update was highly anticipated by the gaming community and has since been a significant addition, enhancing the overall gameplay experience by merging players from various platforms into a unified pool.

Apex Legends Crossplay

Crossplay in Apex Legends: Xbox One vs PS4/PS5

Players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4/5 can seamlessly play together. Both these platforms have similar control mechanisms, and hence, the gameplay experience remains fairly consistent. To play with friends, players simply need to add them using their respective in-game IDs.

PS4 vs. PS5: Apex Legends Crossplay Insights

The transition between PS4 and PS5 for Apex Legends is smooth. Players on these two consoles can effortlessly join each other’s lobbies and partake in matches. The cross-play feature ensures that there’s no segregation based on console generation.

PS4 vs. PS5

PC to PS4/PS5: Apex Legends Crossplay Details

PC players can match with those on PS4 or PS5. However, it’s worth noting that playing on a PC might provide a different experience due to varied controls, like using a mouse and keyboard. But overall, the crossplay experience remains intact and enjoyable.

PC to Xbox One: Apex Legends Crossplay Breakdown

Similarly, PC gamers can also compete against or team up with players on Xbox One. Again, while the control mechanism may differ between a PC and a console, the crossplay feature ensures a cooperative gaming experience.

PC to Xbox One

Does Apex Legends Offer Cross-Progression?

As of now, Apex Legends doesn’t support cross-progression. This means that while you can play across different platforms, your game progress, unlocks, and purchases remain tied to the original platform you played on.

Is Apex Legends Cross-Generational?

Yes, Apex Legends is cross-generational. This means players using older consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One can play with those on newer models like the PS5 without any hiccups. The game ensures that users have a consistent experience regardless of their console generation.

Is Apex Legends Cross-Generational

Final Thoughts

Apex Legends’ cross-platform play has truly revolutionized the gaming experience for many. It promotes inclusivity, allowing friends to connect and compete irrespective of their gaming device.

While there are some concerns about uneven matchups, the broader player base and exciting gameplay more than makeup for it.


How do I enable cross-play in Apex Legends?

To enable cross-play in Apex Legends, navigate to the **Settings** menu and select **Cross-Platform Play**. Ensure that the **Cross-Platform Play** option is activated.

What are the benefits of cross-play in Apex Legends?

Cross-play allows gamers to challenge one another regardless of their platform, leading to more competitive games and an expanded player base.

Are there any downsides to cross-play in Apex Legends?

Some gamers believe that cross-play can result in unbalanced matches since players on various platforms might have different skill levels. Nonetheless, this isn’t always the situation, and cross-play can also yield more varied and engaging matches.