Is Apex Legends Mobile Cross Platform in 2023?

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Is Apex Legends Mobile Cross Platform in 2023?

Does Apex Legends Mobile Support Cross Platform?

Yes, as of 2023, Apex Legends Mobile has introduced cross-platform play, allowing players from different devices to squad up and battle it out in the arena.

Apex Legends Mobile Crossplay: When Was It Released?

The crossplay feature for Apex Legends Mobile was officially rolled out in March 2023, after being tested in beta versions in late 2022.

Apex Legends Mobile Crossplay: When Was It Released?

Xbox One vs PS4/PS5

Players on Xbox One can seamlessly match up with those on both PS4 and PS5, ensuring that console players have a broader pool of players to compete against.

PS4 vs PS5

Given that both are from the PlayStation family, players on PS4 and PS5 have been able to play together since the launch of the PS5 console.

Apex Legends Mobile PS4 vs PS5


PC players can now join lobbies with PS4 and PS5 players, expanding the competitive scene. However, it’s worth noting that PC players might have an advantage due to the precision of mouse and keyboard controls.

PC Vs Xbox One

Similar to the PC and PlayStation integration, PC and Xbox One players can also team up and face off against each other, further bridging the gap between different gaming platforms.

Apex Legends Mobile PC Vs Xbox One

Does Apex Legends Mobile Offer Cross-Progression?

Currently, Apex Legends Mobile does not support cross-progression. While you can play across different platforms, game progress, skins, and other unlockables remain exclusive to the platform you earned them from.

Is Apex Legends Mobile Cross-Generational?

Yes, Apex Legends Mobile supports cross-generational play. Players on older consoles like the PS4 can play with those on newer generations like the PS5, and the same goes for Xbox iterations.

Is Apex Legends Mobile Cross-Generational?

Final Thoughts

Apex Legends Mobile’s introduction of crossplay has made it one of the most inclusive and expansive battle royales in the market.

While the absence of cross-progression is felt, the broader player base and enhanced compatibility make up for it. As always, it’s essential to keep the game updated to enjoy the latest features and improvements.


Can I turn off crossplay?

Yes, there’s an option within the game settings to disable crossplay if players wish to match only with those on their platform.

Are mobile players matched with PC players?

By default, mobile players are not matched with PC players to ensure fairness. However, if a mobile player joins a PC player’s squad, they can be matched in PC lobbies.

Do I need a specific account to use crossplay?

No, you can use your regular Apex Legends Mobile account.

Is there any lag or delay when playing cross-platform?

Generally, there’s no significant difference. However, ensure a stable internet connection for the best experience.

Can I communicate with players on other platforms?

Yes, the game features an integrated voice and text chat system that works across platforms.