Is Call Of Duty Mobile Cross Platform In 2023?

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Call Of Duty Mobile cross platform

Does Call of Duty Mobile Support Cross Platform?

Yes, Call of Duty Mobile does support cross-platform play between Android and iOS devices. This move allows players from different mobile platforms to engage in thrilling battles together, thereby enhancing the gaming experience.

Such a feature acts as a bridge between the once separated gaming communities of varying operating systems, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Call of Duty Mobile Crossplay: When Was It Released?

Call of Duty Mobile introduced the crossplay feature in a bid to expand its user base and offer a more inclusive gaming environment. This feature was not just a technical advancement but also a gesture of community building.

It has played a pivotal role in merging player bases, fostering both camaraderie and competition among players from different parts of the world.

Call of Duty Mobile Crossplay

Crossplay in Call of Duty Mobile: Xbox One vs PS4/PS5

As of 2023, Call of Duty Mobile is still exclusive to iOS and Android platforms. This means that crossplay between the mobile versions and gaming consoles such as Xbox One and PS4/PS5 is not supported.

While many gamers aspire for an integrated gaming experience across all platforms, for now, they’ll need to be patient and wait for potential future updates or expansions of crossplay features.

PS4 vs PS5: Call of Duty Mobile Crossplay Insights

Discussions around crossplay capabilities between PS4 and PS5 for Call of Duty Mobile often surface in the gaming community. However, as reiterated, the game currently supports cross-platform play exclusively between iOS and Android.

The gaming world remains optimistic about future expansions, which may one day see mobile players competing against console gamers.

PS4 vs PS5: Call of Duty Mobile Crossplay Insights

PC to PS4/PS5: Call of Duty Mobile Crossplay Details

Another much-discussed topic is the potential crossplay between PCs and PlayStation consoles. But as it stands, Call of Duty Mobile does not support this.

The current state of play restricts players to interactions within the mobile realm, limiting the overall scope of multiplayer connectivity and immersive gaming experiences.

PC to Xbox One: Call of Duty Mobile Crossplay Breakdown

Similarly, cross-platform play between PCs and Xbox One remains a distant dream for Call of Duty Mobile enthusiasts.

The game’s crossplay features are bound within the confines of mobile platforms, causing both anticipation and impatience among fans. Everyone is hopeful for a broader spectrum of multiplayer experiences in upcoming versions or updates.

PC to Xbox One Call of Duty Mobile Crossplay Breakdown

Does Call of Duty Mobile Offer Cross-Progression?

A definite boon for gamers, Call of Duty Mobile indeed offers cross-progression. This ensures that players who occasionally switch devices can continue their gaming journey without any hiccups.

The in-game progress, along with unlocks and achievements, remain consistent, providing a unified gaming experience irrespective of the device in use.

Is Call of Duty Mobile Cross-Generational?

When talking about mobile devices, Call of Duty Mobile proves to be cross-generational. This means both the old-timers using legacy devices and the tech-savvy lot with the latest smartphones can enjoy the game with equal vigor.

However, as discussed before, the play between mobiles and PCs or consoles is currently restricted.

Call of Duty Mobile Cross-Generational

Final Thoughts

Call of Duty Mobile’s crossplay feature for iOS and Android devices is commendable and an evolutionary step in the world of mobile gaming.

The game’s commitment to inclusivity and fostering a diverse player base is evident. However, the gaming community is left longing for broader crossplay capabilities that would include consoles and PCs. It’s exciting to think about the game’s potential trajectory and the advancements the future might hold.


Is Call of Duty Mobile crossplay supported between mobile and console?

No, currently, Call of Duty Mobile supports crossplay exclusively between Android and iOS devices.

Can I maintain my game progress across different devices?

Yes, Call of Duty Mobile offers cross-progression, ensuring a consistent gaming experience across devices.

Is there any possibility of extending crossplay to consoles in the future?

Official announcements have not been made, but the gaming community remains hopeful for such advancements in the future.

How do Android and iOS players match up in-game?

They can seamlessly match up and compete in the same game lobbies without any platform-specific restrictions.

Are there separate leaderboards for Android and iOS users?

No, the leaderboards are unified, showcasing players from both platforms.