Is Dying Light Cross Platform In 2023?

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Dying Light

Is Dying Light Cross Platform Supported in 2023?

No, as of 2023, Dying Light does not support cross-platform play. According to the information, neither the original game nor the sequel, Dying Light 2, offers cross-platform capabilities at launch.

Reasons: Why Isn’t Dying Light Cross-Playable/Platform?

Although Techland has not provided specific reasons, the absence of cross-platform play could be due to technical constraints and the challenges of creating a balanced and fair gaming environment across different platforms.

Ensuring seamless integration between platforms can be a significant challenge, especially when each forum has its nuances and specifications.

Why Isn't Dying Light Cross-Playable Platform

Potential for Dying Light Crossplay: A Look at the Odds

Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala suggested possibly introducing crossplay for Dying Light 2 post-launch.

While it’s an exciting prospect, it remains speculative without a definite announcement from Techland. But the fact that the discussion exists implies a potential evolution in the game’s multiplayer landscape.

Rumors Surrounding Dying Light Crossplay

While rumors circulate within the gaming community regarding potential crossplay, Techland has not confirmed these.

It’s always essential to be cautious of unofficial news sources. Players should keep an eye on official channels for accurate and updated information.

Rumors Surrounding Dying Light Crossplay

Expected Release Date for Dying Light Crossplay

There isn’t a scheduled release date for crossplay functionality as of now. Techland has kept the cards close to their chest regarding this topic. Players should look for official announcements to get the most reliable details.

Does Dying Light Support Cross-Progression?

As of 2023, Dying Light doesn’t support cross-progression. This limitation means players will have separate progressions for each platform. Unfortunately, you cannot pick up where you left off if you switch platforms.

Dying Light Support Cross-Progression

Is Dying Light Compatible Across Generations?

Dying Light and its sequel are playable across different console generations. However, the limitation lies in the absence of cross-generational play. As such, players on older consoles cannot engage in multiplayer with those on the latest console iterations.

Guide: Playing Dying Light on Split Screen

For those hoping to share their gameplay experience with someone on the same couch, it’s crucial to note that Dying Light doesn’t support split-screen gameplay. The game emphasizes online cooperative play, requiring each participant to have a gaming system.

Guide Playing Dying Light on Split Screen

Wrapping Up

While Dying Light may lack certain features like cross-platform play and cross-progression, it doesn’t diminish the game’s overall excitement and engagement.

It’s a top-tier experience for solo players and groups alike. Always stay informed through official Techland channels for the latest updates on these features.


1. Can I play Dying Light with friends on different platforms?

No, currently, Dying Light does not support cross-platform gameplay.

2. Will there be an update to support cross-progression in Dying Light?

As of now, Techland hasn’t announced any plans for cross-progression support.

3. Can I play Dying Light on next-gen consoles with players on the previous-gen?

No, cross-generational play is not supported.

4. Is split-screen available for local multiplayer in Dying Light?

No, Dying Light does not offer split-screen gameplay.

5. Are there any official sources to track updates about crossplay in Dying Light?

Players should follow Techland’s official channels and website for the most recent and accurate updates.