Is Elden Ring Cross Platform in 2023?

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Is Elden Ring Cross Platform in 2023?

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform Supported in 2023?

No, as of 2023, Elden Ring does not support cross-platform play. This means players on different platforms cannot play together. For example, PS console users can’t team up with Xbox console users, and PC players can only engage with other PC players.

Reasons: Why Isn’t Elden Ring Cross-Playable/Platform?

The exact reasons have not been openly stated by the developers, From Software. However, integrating cross-platform support can be complex.

It involves not only technical challenges but also contractual and business considerations between competing platforms.

Reasons: Why Isn't Elden Ring Cross-Playable/Platform?

Potential for Elden Ring Crossplay: A Look at the Odds

There have been suggestions by users, especially on platforms like Reddit, that a Microsoft Store version of Elden Ring could pave the way for future cross-platform. However, this is speculative and not confirmed by the developers or publishers.

Rumors Surrounding Elden Ring Crossplay

Some users have expressed their desire for cross-platform support and feel that players should be given the choice to turn it on or off. Nonetheless, these are just opinions and wishes, not concrete plans from the developers.

Rumors Surrounding Elden Ring Crossplay

Expected Release Date for Elden Ring Crossplay (if known)

As of now, there is no confirmed release date or announcement suggesting that Elden Ring will support crossplay in the future.

Does Elden Ring Support Cross-Progression?

Elden Ring doesn’t officially support cross-progression. This means if you start playing on one platform, your progress won’t be carried over to another platform.

Does Elden Ring Support Cross-Progression?

Is Elden Ring Compatible Across Generations?

Yes, Elden Ring is cross-generational. Players can play between PS4 and PS5 or between Xbox One and Xbox X.

Guide: Playing Elden Ring on Split Screen

As of the last known update, Elden Ring does not provide a split-screen option. Players looking for cooperative gameplay will need to rely on online multiplayer options within their respective platforms.

Guide: Playing Elden Ring on Split Screen

Wrapping Up

While Elden Ring offers an immersive gaming experience, the lack of cross-platform support has been a point of contention among fans. Players are hopeful for a future update addressing this issue.

But until then, they can enjoy the game within their respective platforms and take advantage of the cross-generational play.

Common Queries

Is Elden Ring cross-platform between Xbox and PlayStation?

No, players on Xbox cannot play with those on PlayStation and vice-versa.

Can PC players play with console players in Elden Ring?

No, PC players can only play with other PC players.

Is there a possibility of Elden Ring becoming cross-platform in the future?

There is always potential, especially with user demand, but as of now, there is no official announcement from the developers about introducing cross-platform play.