Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross Platform in 2023?

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Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross Platform in 2023

Does Elder Scrolls Online Support Cross Platform in 2023?

As of 2023, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) does not support cross-platform play. This means that players on platforms like PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and other gaming devices cannot collaborate in ESO. Each platform has its dedicated server, leading to no cross-platform gameplay and keeping the player communities distinct.

Why doesn’t Elder Scrolls Online have Cross Play/Cross-Platform yet?

Several reasons have kept ESO from incorporating cross-play. On the technical side, merging various platforms demands intricate engineering efforts, especially for a massively multiplayer online game like ESO with detailed game worlds and robust physics engines. Business-wise, there might be platform-specific deals or proprietary concerns that prevent the integration of cross-play.

Why doesn’t Elder Scrolls Online have Cross Play

Potential for Elder Scrolls Online Crossplay

With the gaming world rapidly advancing and highlighting the importance of cross-platform experiences, there’s potential for ESO to integrate cross-play. While the developers have not officially signaled any intent, the industry’s direction could motivate them to reconsider this feature.

Elder Scrolls Online Crossplay: Rumors

The gaming world always buzzes with rumors and speculations. ESO cross-play has its share of these discussions. However, the game’s developers have yet to substantiate or debunk any such claims. Players eagerly await any official updates regarding cross-play.

Elder Scrolls Online Crossplay

Does Elder Scrolls Online Support Cross-Progression?

For gamers who wish to play on multiple platforms, it’s essential to note that ESO doesn’t offer cross-progression. Game achievements and progress remain tethered to the initial platform, preventing any data transfer or sharing across platforms.

Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross Generations Compatible?

Cross-generation compatibility ensures a game’s playability across different console generations. Unfortunately, ESO lacks this feature, causing limitations for players hoping to experience the game across varied console generations.

Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross Generations Compatible

Can You Play Elder Scrolls Online on Split Screen

Split-screen gaming provides a shared gaming experience on a single screen. ESO, however, doesn’t support this. Each player must have their device to partake in the adventures of Tamriel.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, while the Elder Scrolls Online offers an immersive multiplayer experience, it falls short in the realm of cross-platform capabilities. Players remain hopeful for future updates that might bridge the platform divide.


Q: Can I play Elder Scrolls Online with friends on different platforms?

No, ESO doesn’t support cross-platform gaming. Friends on disparate platforms can’t team up in-game.

Q: Are there any third-party services to play ESO cross-platform?

Some third-party services, like Discord for communication or cloud platforms like Google Stadia, might improve the gaming experience, but they can’t magically enable ESO cross-platform play.

Q: Will ESO support cross-platform play in the future?

The developers haven’t made official announcements about future cross-platform support. Yet, the dynamic nature of the gaming industry means it remains a topic of discussion and hope.