Is Grounded Cross Platform In 2023?

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Grounded Cross Platform

Does Grounded Support Cross Platform?

Yes, in 2023, Grounded officially supports cross-platform play, allowing players from different platforms to team up and explore together.

Grounded Crossplay: When Was It Released?

Grounded introduced cross-platform play in mid-2022, much to the delight of its dedicated player base.

Grounded Crossplay When Was It Released

Xbox One vs PS4/PS5

Players on Xbox One can seamlessly play with their friends on both the PS4 and PS5 platforms. This integration has been smooth and without any significant hiccups, making it easy for players on these consoles to join sessions together.

PS4 vs PS5

With both consoles being from the same company, Grounded offers perfect crossplay capabilities between PS4 and PS5, along with optimized features for the PS5 version.

PS4 vs PS5


PC players can join or host sessions with both PS4 and PS5 players. The experience is made smoother with adjustable settings on the PC to match the performance of the console counterparts.

PC Vs Xbox One

Grounded ensures a comprehensive crossplay experience between PC and Xbox One users. With consistent updates, the developers have maintained a stable connection environment for both platforms.

PC Vs Xbox One

Does Grounded Offer Cross-Progression?

Yes, Grounded provides cross-progression. Players can continue their progress irrespective of the platform they are playing on, making it convenient for those who switch between devices.

Is Grounded Cross-Generational?

Grounded is cross-generational, meaning players on older platforms like the Xbox One and PS4 can play with those on the newer PS5, ensuring no one is left out of the fun.

Is Grounded Cross-Generational

Final Thoughts

Grounded’s cross-platform and cross-generational features highlight the game’s commitment to providing an inclusive environment for all its players.

The addition of crossplay and cross-progression ensures that players have flexibility and continuity in their gameplay experience.


1. Can I transfer my save game from Xbox One to PC?

Yes, thanks to cross-progression, you can transfer your save game seamlessly.

2. Is there a difference in gameplay features between PS5 and older platforms?

While the core gameplay remains the same, PS5 offers enhanced graphics and faster loading times.

3. Can I host a session on PC and invite my friends from PS4 and Xbox?

Absolutely! Grounded’s crossplay allows for such integrations.

4. Are there any additional costs for cross-platform features?

No, cross-platform features come at no extra cost.

5. Are updates synchronized across all platforms?

Generally, yes. Minor delays might occur, but major updates are synchronized.