Is Hunter Call of the Wild Cross Platform in 2023?

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Is hunter call of the wild Cross Platform in 2023?

Does Hunter Call of the Wild Support Cross Platform?

Yes, as of 2023, Hunter Call of the Wild supports cross-platform gameplay. This enables players from different platforms to join forces and hunt together.

Hunter Call of the Wild Crossplay: When Was It Released?

Crossplay was introduced in mid-2022 after a significant update. This came as a delight to the game’s massive fan base.

Hunter Call of the Wild Crossplay: When Was It Released?

Xbox One vs PS4/PS5

Players on Xbox One can seamlessly play with those on PS4 and PS5. The update made sure the interaction was smooth and without any hitches.

PS4 vs PS5

Given that both are Sony platforms, the transition and crossplay between PS4 and PS5 were naturally smooth. There’s hardly any noticeable difference when playing cross-generation.

hunter call of the WILD PS4 vs PS5


Crossplay between PC and the PlayStation consoles was a bit tricky at first due to the different control mechanisms. However, with a few optimizations, players can now easily hunt together regardless of their platform.

PC Vs Xbox One

Similarly, PC players can team up with or compete against Xbox One players without any issues. The update ensured that matchmaking is balanced, regardless of the platform.

hunter call of the WILD PC Vs Xbox One

Does Hunter Call of the Wild Offer Cross-Progression?

Yes, the game does offer cross-progression. This means your game data, progress, and achievements are saved and can be accessed from any platform, allowing for a unified gaming experience.

Is Hunter Call of the Wild Cross-Generational?

Absolutely! Players from previous generation consoles like the PS4 can easily play with those on the newer PS5, and similarly for the Xbox family.

Is Hunter Call of the Wild Cross-Generational?

Final Thoughts

“Hunter Call of the Wild” has truly embraced the future with its cross-platform and cross-generational capabilities. This not only increases the player base but also enriches the overall gaming experience.


When was crossplay introduced for “Hunter Call of the Wild”?

Crossplay was introduced in mid-2022.

Can I play with my friends on Xbox if I’m on PC?

Yes, the game supports crossplay between PC and Xbox.

Is my game progress saved across platforms?

Absolutely, the game offers cross-progression which means your game data is consistent across platforms.

Are there any limitations while playing cross-platform?

As of now, there are no major limitations, and the gameplay experience is seamless.

Is there a separate server for crossplay gamers?

No, all players share the same server regardless of the platform.