Is The Crew Cross Platform In 2023?

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Is The Crew Cross Platform In 2023

Does The Crew Support Cross Platform in 2023?

No, as of 2023, The Crew does not support cross-platform play.

Why does The Crew have Cross Play/Cross-Platform now?

Recognizing the need for a unified gaming community and the benefits it brings, the developers decided to
introduce cross-platform play. The objective was to ensure a larger pool of players, smoother matchmaking, and enhanced user experience.

Why does The Crew have Cross Play

Potential for The Crew Crossplay

The introduction of crossplay has unlocked vast potential for The Crew. Gamers are no longer restricted by their platforms, leading to a richer, more diverse community. This also means competitive races are more thrilling and unpredictable.

The Crew Crossplay: Rumors

Before its official announcement, there were multiple rumors circulating about The Crew going cross-platform.

While some of these speculations were based on reliable sources, others were merely wishful thinking. Now, with the official support, players can put all those rumors to rest.

The Crew Crossplay

Expected Release Date for The Crew Crossplay

The Crew’s crossplay feature was officially rolled out in March 2023, after an extensive beta-testing phase to
ensure stability and seamless experience across all platforms.

Does The Crew Support Cross-Progression?

Yes, alongside crossplay, The Crew also introduced cross-progression. Players can now continue their journey and maintain their game progress regardless of the platform they choose to play on.

Does The Crew Support Cross-Progression

Is The Crew Cross Generations Compatible?

Indeed, The Crew is not only cross-platform but also cross-generation compatible. This means players with older consoles, like the PS4, can seamlessly play with those on newer versions like the PS5.

Can You Play The Crew on Split Screen?

While The Crew supports crossplay, it doesn’t offer a split-screen mode. Players hoping to enjoy the game
locally on the same screen would be disappointed.

However, the online multiplayer features compensate for this by providing an expansive world to explore with friends.

Can You Play The Crew on Split Screen

Wrapping Up

The introduction of crossplay and cross-progression in The Crew has redefined multiplayer gaming. It bridges the gap between different platforms and generations, offering a more inclusive and engaging gaming experience.

While it may lack a split-screen feature, the immersive world of The Crew is best enjoyed with friends, regardless of where they play.


1. Is there any restriction when it comes to crossplay in The Crew?

No, players from all platforms can interact without any limitations.

2. How to enable or disable crossplay in The Crew?

Players can toggle the crossplay feature on or off from the game’s settings menu.

3. Are there exclusive content for specific platforms?

No, all contents in The Crew are accessible to players regardless of their platform.

4. Can I transfer my game progress to a different platform?

Yes, with cross-progression, you can maintain your game progress across platforms.

5. Is the game’s performance affected due to crossplay?

No, the game’s performance remains optimal, ensuring a smooth experience for all players.