Is UFC Cross Platform In 2023?

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Is UFC Cross Platform In 2023

Does UFC Support Cross Platform?

As of 2023, UFC has officially announced support for cross-platform play, allowing players from different consoles and platforms to compete against one another.

UFC Crossplay: When Was It Released?

UFC introduced cross-play capabilities in early 2023, following a series of updates and testing phases in late 2022.

UFC Crossplay

Xbox One vs PS4/PS5

Players using Xbox One can seamlessly match up with those on both PS4 and PS5 without any significant issues or restrictions.

PS4 vs PS5

Being from the same brand, PS4 and PS5 offer smooth crossplay experiences. Players from both generations can easily join matches together.

PS4 vs PS5


UFC provides support for PC players to match with those on PS4 and PS5. This integration has bridged the gap between console and PC gamers, creating a more inclusive community.

PC vs. Xbox One

Just like the PC and PlayStation integration, PC players can easily join matches with Xbox One users, making the UFC gaming experience even more versatile.

PC vs. Xbox One

Does UFC Offer Cross-Progression?

Yes, UFC supports cross-progression. This means players can maintain and access their game progress and unlocks regardless of the platform they choose to play on.

Is UFC Cross-Generational?

Indeed, UFC is cross-generational, enabling players from previous generation consoles like PS4 and Xbox One to play with their counterparts on PS5 and the latest Xbox series.

Is UFC Cross-Generational

Final Thoughts

UFC has embraced the future with open arms by integrating cross-platform and cross-progression features. It has enhanced the gaming experience, fostering a broader and more inclusive gaming community.


Q1: Can I play UFC with a friend on a different platform?

Yes, UFC supports cross-platform play, so you can compete with friends regardless of their gaming platform.

Q2: Will my game progress be saved if I switch platforms?

Absolutely, UFC offers cross-progression, ensuring your game progress is saved across platforms.

Q3: Are there any limitations to cross-platform play?

As of now, there are no major limitations. All platforms can match with one another.

Q4: When was cross-platform play introduced to UFC?

Cross-platform capabilities were added to UFC in early 2023.

Q5: Is crossplay available for all game modes?

Yes, crossplay is available for all game modes in UFC.