Forza 3 Autoweek Show Pack All 10 Cars Extensively Reviewed – DLC #2

Forza DLC #2 Detroit Autoweek Show review:

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So here’s my review of Forza 3’s Detroit Autoweek Show DLC Pack which was released on January 12th (US). All 10 cars are covered in this review, the pack is available from XboxLive for just 400 msp, and as far as I’m concerned, these are well worth the few dollars they ask for them.

I place the cars in order of ‘my personal preferences’ with regards to which car would be the best, through to the least most desirable. Not that any are, but you get the idea. I always look for something a little bit different in my car choices within the game, and don’t always pick the biggest or the most popular. So just grit your teeth and bare with it. Better still, have your say in the comments box below at the end of the review – so long as you abide the TOU and COC, everything is fine.

I add mainly pics of real-world cars so you can get an idea of what these things look like in real life, so that when you get your greasy little paws on them, you can see just how well detailed and rendered they are in-game.

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Forza Motorsport 3 DLC #2 Now Available – Review pending

Forza Motorsport 3 DLC #2 Now Available

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DLC #2 AutoWeek Car Show Pack Available

Full review of DLC #2 available tomorrow

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Well I downloaded the pack as soon as it became available early this morning Aust time, and have taken all 10 for a spin. It includes the following cars, and I’ll have an extensive road test on all ten by tomorrow morning.

For those that were saying the Aston Martin One-77 was nothing more than a customized DB9, then you are sadly mistaken. From all the cars available in the pack, this car stands out above them all.

It has the highest top speed in standard gearing (335kph in the back straight of Le Mans) and is solid as a rock on the road, even at those speeds, handles corners like it’s stuck to the ground, and looks and sound beautiful.

[ED: While you’re waiting, you can check out the review we did on the First DLC Pack, this will give you an idea of how detailed we get with the game.]

The Raptor, while sounding sweet (and looking damn fine) is a tad light on the nose, especially when the tyres are cold and when entering corners from speed. The Lotus 2-Eleven is by far the smallest of the 10, but do NOT let that fool you.

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