Sony planning to ‘steal’ Mass Effect 2 at conference?

Not bloody likely…

by Team OXCGN


Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 was strangely absent from Microsoft’s E3 Keynote presentation today. Given the titles importance in the Xbox 360’s exclusive lineup, could this be a sign that the once 360/PC exclusive may also be heading to the Playstation 3? There have been whispers around the hallowed halls of the convention centre that this may infact come to pass. oxcgn mass effect 2

Mass Effect tells a very deep galactic science fiction story, starring Spectre; Commander Shepard as he/she tries to stop the massive threat of extinction to all life in the universe against an army of Geth.

The original game was a fantastic action RPG providing deep gameplay mechanics while keeping it very enjoyable and accessible. Since the first told a highly addictive and complex story that kept you on the edge of year seat until the credits rolled down the screen, we expect that the second will bring more of the same or better!

Tell us what you think. Will Sony snag this epic RPG as well, or is it all just a bunch of wild speculation from PS3 owners, desperate to play Bioware’s masterpiece?

For the full list of gaming announcements by Microsoft during their Keynote, click here.



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Halo: Reach Announced – E3

Visualy Stunning NEW Bungie Project Announce Exclusive to 360

by Team OXCGN


Halo Reach announcedIn the last 48 hours before E3, rumours appeared out of nowhere for a new Halo game called Halo: Reach. This was sparked by the appearance of a Halo: Reach subforum on, which quickly vanished as suddenly as it had come.

If this wasn’t enough, an Achievements page for it then was then found on If you can’t trust the game being on both the traditional Halo studio’s site and the official Xbox site, what more do you need?

How about  an announcement from Microsoft’s E3 Keynote?

Literally a few minutes ago Microsoft confirmed its existence through the showing of an impressive new Halo trailer, set on the planet Reach during the development of the Spartans. The planet ‘Reach’ should be familiar to Halo fans and readers of the novels, but it has not been seen in any Halo game yet due to the timeline.

Reach was destroyed by the Covenant forces before the start of Halo 1, leaving Master Chief as the only remaining Spartan, and now you’ll be able to see it for yourself.

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Secret of Monkey Island Remake for XBLA Revealed at E3

“Look behind you! A re-made monkey game!”

by Team OXCGN


The rumors were true!  It was just confirmed at E3 that Lucas Arts have finally given we Monkey Island fans a huge surprise: the original  The Secret of Monkey Island game is being brought to Xbox Live Arcade later this year.

oxcgn secret of monkey island_01Info via StrategyInformer

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

This summer, LucasArts will release The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition via Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 and for PCs.

Back by popular demand, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition faithfully re-imagines the internationally-acclaimed classic game (originally released in 1990) for original and new audiences alike. The development team at LucasArts is bringing the game into the modern era with all-new HD graphics, a re-mastered musical score, full voiceover, and an in-depth hint system has been added to help players through the game’s side-splitting puzzles. Purists will also delight in the ability to seamlessly switch between the updated HD graphics and the original’s classic look.

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