OXCGN’s Mafia II Review: Vito’s Joining La Familia

Vito is welcomed to La Familia …

by GrathiusXR

© 2010 Arthur Kotsopoulos

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It’s only taken 2K Czech 8 years to develop and release Mafia II but I would have gladly waited another year if that meant a longer game storyline, a more fleshed out environment and more activities to do within the city of Empire Bay.

Mafia II seems to give the player the illusion that this game is an open world game much like Grand Theft Auto 4.

Technically it is open world, but because 2K Czech have spent so much time and effort in creating an engaging storyline you are always pointed in the direction of where to go.

You’re not free to do any side missions because there are none, you’re not given different contacts who have jobs for you to do whenever you’re bored or need money etc..

Mafia II is like the love child of Grand Theft Auto 4 and The Godfather II. Want to join La Familia . . . .

Mafia II Hands-On Preview: & 1st Dev-Diary Release

OXCGN Hands-On Preview Mafia II

First release of Dev-Diary #1

by GrathiusXR:

©2010 Arthur Kotsopoulos – Community Editor
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Just recently 2k Australia were kind enough to invite us into their offices to get some hands-on time slapping people in the face, ‘reading’ some Playboy covers, selling cigarettes from the back of a truck and taking care of some greasers in their upcoming long awaited game Mafia II.

Developed by 2k Czech, the original developers of Mafia back on the PC, this time Mafia II is set in fictitious Empire Bay which is based on various popular US cities such as Los Angeles, New York etc, but set during the mid-20th Century. More impressively it actually boasts a massive 10 Square mile radius which is double the size of Lost Heaven (Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven). Continue reading Mafia II Hands-On Preview: & 1st Dev-Diary Release