OXCGN’s Steal It for the 360: Civilization 5 (PC)

Civilization Revolution worked,

So is Civilization 5 a game we’d want for the 360?

And what’s new in the franchise?

by ChiefJimbolaya

© 2010 Aaron Klein

You start with a tiny group of settlers and dreams of a global empire. How you get there is up to you. Do you grab pointy sticks and conquer your neighbors?

Do you rapidly expand to control strategic resources in the hillsides? Do you come to the aid of neighboring city states when they are being bullied by your rivals? Do you construct libraries and universities to learn the secrets of space travel?

In Civilization you chronicle the story of your own empire.

Civilization is known as a 4X game. The Xs stand for the general tactics used to win the game, namely to explore the map, expand to new territory, exploit raw materials and exterminate the opposition. Its turn-based gameplay emphasizes strategy over twitch reflexes.

DO we want more Civilization . . . . hmm

OXCGN’s Mafia II Review: Vito’s Joining La Familia

Vito is welcomed to La Familia …

by GrathiusXR

© 2010 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Just $AU107+-. incl delivered

It’s only taken 2K Czech 8 years to develop and release Mafia II but I would have gladly waited another year if that meant a longer game storyline, a more fleshed out environment and more activities to do within the city of Empire Bay.

Mafia II seems to give the player the illusion that this game is an open world game much like Grand Theft Auto 4.

Technically it is open world, but because 2K Czech have spent so much time and effort in creating an engaging storyline you are always pointed in the direction of where to go.

You’re not free to do any side missions because there are none, you’re not given different contacts who have jobs for you to do whenever you’re bored or need money etc..

Mafia II is like the love child of Grand Theft Auto 4 and The Godfather II. Want to join La Familia . . . .

Borderlands Marathon for Child’s Play Charity

Aint’t No Rest For The Helpful This Weekend!

by GrathiusXR

© 2010 Arthur Kotsopoulos
Play for a good cause

A group consisting of Australian video game journalists and gamers will pick up their controllers this weekend for a marathon event to raise money for the international kid’s charity, Child’s Play.

Playing the successful 2009 release Borderlands developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, the team of over 15 people from some of Australia’s biggest and best news sites (GameArena, AustralianGamer, OXCGN, dlc Live, and more!) have promised to turn on their Xbox consoles and play a minimum 48 consecutive hours of 4 player co-op.

The event will be streamed live online where viewers are encouraged to donate to the Child’s Play Charity and join in the fun through the forums, chat stream, Facebook and Twitter. Joining in on the action will be Australia’s first video game bar, The Mana Bar, where they will be showing support by displaying the event throughout the venue. Continue reading Borderlands Marathon for Child’s Play Charity

E3 2010 Publisher Recap #3: 2K Games

E3 2010 Publisher Recap #3: 2K Games

by AXIS_of_Reality:

©2010 Alex Baldwin:

On to our ‘Third E3 2010 Publisher Recap’, which catalogs our thoughts and impressions on the games we saw from each publisher.

This isn’t a list of specs or features, but rather exactly what we thought of each hands-on or behind-closed-doors media showing we attended to give you an insight to exactly what we felt about each game behind the media hype and PR talk.

An excellent line up from 2K Games at E3 20101 . . . .

OXCGN’s E3 2010 Show Awards

The Awards no one else gives out.

by AXIS_of_Reality

©2010 Alex Baldwin

One thing we noticed as we wandered around the main halls in E3 was the large number of stickers, plaques and awards attached to the signs for many games, proclaiming them as being ‘IGN Best Action Game Nominee’ or ‘Kotaku Best of E3’. Predictably these were fixed on the biggest sequels or most elaborate setups.

It got us thinking however: why do we have to stick to the traditional Academy Award-esque categories? Why not honour the less obvious achievements overlooked in the chaos of the show floor?

Click for full sized panorama

And so we present to you,

OXCGN’s First Annual E3 Awards!

So here we go . . .

OXCGN’s Bioshock 2 Review – Is The ‘Rapture’ Still There?

by belgavion

© 2010 Gav Ross
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How do you follow up a game that seemed to be a once-in-a-console-generation experience that near-perfectly blended design, narrative and gameplay?

One would assume that the same team that worked on 2007’s Bioshock (Irrational Games, formerly 2K Boston) should be the team embarking on expanding the sequel and innovating on what had already been created.

But with Irrational visionary Ken Levine no longer at the helm and Bioshock 2’s development being shared by various divisions of 2K Games in different countries (with only partial input from Irrational), fans of the original had every reason to be apprehensive. Continue reading OXCGN’s Bioshock 2 Review – Is The ‘Rapture’ Still There?

Is Rapture Ready For Big Daddies – BioShock 2 Release

Is Rapture Ready For Big Daddies – BioShock 2 Release

by XboxOZ360:

©2010 Grant Smythe:

With less than a week away from 2K Games‘ release of the award winning second game in the Bioshock series we have a newly released “Bioshock 2 Official Release Trailer” (see second trailer below) for you, as well as some in-game footage where we explore the beautiful, yet treacherous, underwater world of Rapture.

There we will be fighting off other Big Daddies, taking Little Sisters under our arms, well, on our shoulders, and trying to beat off the new menace, the Big Sisters, and boy, is she a ‘bitch’ to deal with . . .

They, by the way, are not the easiest to deal with or kill, even for a burrly Big Daddy like you are now. Just check this out, especially the last segment . . . damn she’s quick . . . even electrocution didn’t stop her . . . bugger.

Official Release Trailer . . . . >

Bioshock 2’s Rapturious Sydney Harbour Media Event

OXCGN Interviews BioShock’s Alex Vancomerbeck

and Martin Slater from 2K Australia

Interviewer Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2007-2010 OXCGN.com
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With BioShock 2 just about to hit the shelves many excited gamers are straining at the bit to get their slimy little webbed hands on it as soon as possible and experience Rapture again.

Recently 2K Games Australia held a media event in Sydney to help local media groups understand a little more about the newest version of the oceanic world of The Cult of Rapture and, of course, BioShock 2.

They brought along Alex Vancomerbech, Level Designer, and Martin Slater, both from 2k Australia to discuss the game with interviewers over two days. 2K always try to impress, and this time they upped the anti by holding the media press interviews at Sydney’s beautiful Harbourside Park Hyatt‘s, “The Club Bar“.

It’s hard to describe just how good Sydney Harbour looks on a nice day; suffice to say many tourist spend an extraordinary amount of time just taking the views in, and doing the usual happy-snap things, as you would expect in such a beautiful place (blatant tourist plug).  But back to the media event.

Bioshock 2 Sydney Media event . . . >