Bobby Kotick Announces New CoD Studio & Cancelled Games

Bobby Kotick Announces New CoD Studio

Focusing on Digital Distribution

And ‘Canceled’ games.

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde
Behind the dazzling smile lies the secrets of life. And by secret, I mean money.

It’s been a relatively above-average day in the gaming industry. Borderlands 2 was announced, Battlefield 3 was confirmed to be a true PC game, and Kevin Butler accidentally tweeted the PS3 root key.

To end the night, we have one final piece of news, straight from gaming’s beloved monopolist, Bobby Kotick.

He announced that a new internal, CoD-only studio has been formed under the name of Beachhead. And that’s all we know.

The only concrete info regarding this topic is that they will be “focused solely on the development of an innovative new platform and services for Call of Duty,” with a focus on the “online gaming experience.” Find out how much more yearly trash you can expect…

Where in the world is Star Wars Battlefront 3?

Where in The World is Star Wars Battlefront III?

Force Unleashed, We Never Wanted You!

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde
Help us LucasArts, you are our only hope...

Back in a day and age when the internet wasn’t as predominant as it is now (at least in my neck of the woods), word of mouth was the only way you heard about games.

I’ll never forget the time when a friend of mine told me about the original Star Wars: Battlefront. “Imagine Star Wars, but without Jedi, instead focusing on the actual battles in the universe!”

I never thought something so brilliant in my entire life, immediately rushing out to buy it. What spawned on that passionate summer day was love, between one man and the greatest title ever released.

Over-exaggeration aside, the first Battlefront is commonly ranked as one of the best Star Wars games ever made, next to Battlefront 2 and Republic Commando.

Battlefront 2 released to much acclaim a little over a year later, improving upon the original in every single way possible (except multiplayer).

But after that? The series went dark, never releasing a main iteration of the series again.

Today, I am posing the simple question with the seemingly complicated answer: where in the world is Star Wars: Battlefront III?

The force is not strong with this one? More here

I Want Your Money: The Curious Case of Kotick

The Curious Case of Bobby Kotick

by exterminat

©2010 Nicholas Laborde

I wake up on a Monday morning with a usual routine: eat breakfast, get dressed, check my email, and finally, see what’s up in the gaming world.

I browse a forum and see a thread with the first word “Activision.” From that moment onward, I know that Bobby Kotick is involved in the topic at hand.

Recently, Mr. Kotick has been speaking his mind quite freely.

For those of you who know of Mr Robert Kodick (Bobby), and for the select few that don’t (seriously, living under a rock can’t be too comfortable), no matter what words are uttered from his mouth, he just about always manages to stir up a storm of anger in the gaming community. Bobby lets fly . . . .