Wake Up Remedy! What Alan Wake 2 Needs to Succeed

ARTICLE_Alan Wake 2

What Alan Wake 2 Needs to Succeed

Wake up, Remedy!

by Nicholas Laborde

©2013 Nicholas Laborde

oxcgn alan wakeSometimes, I feel as if nobody cared about Alan Wake.

Developed by Remedy, who gave us the first two Max Payne titles, it was their first new title and IP after Max Payne 2 in 2003.

In borderline development hell for five years (we saw it at E3 2006 but didn’t get it until May 2010, for crying out loud!), it came a long way before we finally got it.

After seeing moderate success on the Xbox 360, one “sequel” was delivered digitally – Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – and managed to retain the formula while still being very Alan Wake.

American Nightmare performed solidly, and then both titles were very successfully ported to the PC via Steam.

Recently, the Alan Wake Facebook page had a tease saying that we’ll soon be seeing what Remedy has been up to all this time.

Considering that both titles ended with the ominous message “Alan Wake’s journey through the night will continue,” I think it’s safe to say that Alan Wake 2 is in development.

With that in mind, here is exactly what Alan Wake 2 needs to succeed.

Wake up, over here!

OXCGN’s Max Payne 3 Review: A Rockstar Without Remedy?

Max Payne 3

A Rockstar Without Remedy?

by Nicholas Laborde

©2012 Nicholas Laborde

If you’re a frequent reader of OXCGN and my work, you’ll already know that one of the most important aspects of any game to me is the writing.

I’ll start off with this: I love Remedy.

Max Payne is a franchise very near and dear to my heart, and I hold Alan Wake in similar regard.

Remedy knows how to combine multiple elements into a seamless package, while topping it off with some of the best writing in the industry.

The lack of their presence in Max Payne 3 is disturbing, and until I played the game, I was extremely apprehensive.

Rockstar somehow managed to do the impossible: carry the everlasting legacy of Max into the future, and at that, under the reigns of a completely different team.

It’s Paaaaaaayne!

OXCGN’s Alan Wake: American Nightmare Review: Madness, or makes you mad?

OXCGN’s Alan Wake: American Nightmare Review

Madness, or makes you mad?

by : GrathiusXR

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

In a fitting fashion it seems that Remedy have taken the Season 2 route of Twin Peaks with Alan Wake: American Nightmare and have given the player a more action-oriented DLC package that features less witty dialogue and mystery than its initial title in the franchise.

In the 5-7 hours that you’ll be playing American Nightmare you’ll notice an array of differences, from new ‘Taken’ to have to deal with as well as new weapons to fight the forces of darkness with.

These weapons range from:

  • Sub Machine Guns
  • Sawn-Off/Pump action/Combat shotguns
  • Assault Rifles and more…

Alan Wake is here

OXCGN’s 2010 Game Of The Year Announced: Do you agree?

OXCGN’s Game Of The Year Announced

The winners and the loser

by : OXCGN Staff

©2010 David Hilton 


I won’t lie: this gaming year has been a difficult one for OXCGN’s staff.  (Cue violins).  It seems most of us have had a hard time balancing a lack of time, a lack of money, and a lack of interest in the current crop of gamer’s games.

The general lack of innovation and proliferation of sequels in hard-core games in a difficult economic climate has seen many of us often turn to alternative (and often cheaper) gaming experiences like on smartphones or XBLA and PSN. (okay, kill violins).

That’s not to say there haven’t been some real gems out this year. It mainly has meant that each of us has been more discerning in our console game purchase choices.

Our decision on this year’s Game Of The Year reflects this, with each of us having different top 5 choices.  This year we decided to use the Top 5 system where each staff member chose a Top 5 and assigned 5 points to their personal favourite title, followed by 4 points for the next and so on.  Then all these totals were tallied up to find out what our Game Of The Year for 2010 was.

As many of us own several platforms we also tallied our favourite exclusive game on another platform.

Finally, though we avoided buying iffy games like the plague, and there seemed to be less obviously bad ones around this year, we offer our choice for the “Golden Crap Award”.

We know many won’t agree, so give us your pick below in our poll and check back to see who’s winning.

OXCGN’s Game Of The Year 2010 Awards

Find out which games were winners and who the biggest loser is

OXCGN’s Mafia II Review: Vito’s Joining La Familia

Vito is welcomed to La Familia …

by GrathiusXR

© 2010 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Just $AU107+-. incl delivered

It’s only taken 2K Czech 8 years to develop and release Mafia II but I would have gladly waited another year if that meant a longer game storyline, a more fleshed out environment and more activities to do within the city of Empire Bay.

Mafia II seems to give the player the illusion that this game is an open world game much like Grand Theft Auto 4.

Technically it is open world, but because 2K Czech have spent so much time and effort in creating an engaging storyline you are always pointed in the direction of where to go.

You’re not free to do any side missions because there are none, you’re not given different contacts who have jobs for you to do whenever you’re bored or need money etc..

Mafia II is like the love child of Grand Theft Auto 4 and The Godfather II. Want to join La Familia . . . .

Blandifying Infamous 2: The Death Of Interesting Characters

Blandifying Infamous 2:

The Death Of Interesting Characters

by AXIS of Reality

©2010 Alex Baldwin

I loved Infamous. I put it in my top 10 games of 2009 list, and high up on my most-wanted sequel announcement list for E3.

So I should be ecstatic now we’ve gotten confirmation, right?

Honestly, no.

We shouldn’t let screenshots or artwork colour our opinion of a game, but I have to say my faith in the devs at Sucker Punch took a massive dive when I saw the character on the promo image. Or perhaps I should say, lack thereof.

I wasn’t sure if I was seeing the default Sheppard of Mass Effect shooting lightning, or perhaps whatzisface from Dark Void. Maybe it’s Hale from Resistance? Or what about Matt Hazard? I couldn’t be sure. He’s square-jawed with a typical military shave, a 5-o’clock shadow and typical hipster clothing. And apparently he’s still Cole.

Is Cole still Cole . . . . hmmmm?

OXCGN’s Alan Wake Review: A Waking Nightmare?

A Nightmare to Remember…

by AXIS of Reality

©2010 Alex Baldwin
Grab your copy NOW!

So. Alan Wake. The story of the game’s development is almost as interesting as the game itself – a twisting tale of extended production, major design changes, exclusivity deals, removal of the PC version and numerous E3 showings that each displayed a seemingly different game.

Developer Remedy has certainly been through the wringer in bring their ambitious vision to our screens, from being one of the first games announced for the 360 to releasing when most other games are already on their second or third iteration on the current generation.

In a way it’s similar to Splinter Cell Conviction’s development tale in switching from sandbox to linear when so many franchises are heading the other way.

But does it pay off? Have we been handed a disjointed, confused mess of a game or a diamond in the desert?

More shrills & thrills than spill . . . . >

My Android Phone Dominates My Console – Are Consoles Losing Their Appeal?

Are Consoles Losing Their Appeal?

by GrathiusXR

© 2010 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Having purchased the Google Nexus One Android Phone not long after it was released in America back in January, I seem to be sitting down a great deal more and spending hours on end playing the games that are on offer for the Nexus One.  Hours that I used to normally spend on console gaming.

From Tower Defense games, Basketball games, racing games, or simple Tetris-esque games, the Nexus One has taken up most of my gaming time over the past 2 months.

The XBOX 360 has had nothing that has grabbed my attention lately. Sure Splinter Cell: Conviction gave me a great 8-10 hours of fun but after that I was straight back to my Nexus One.

Robo Defense and Basketball are the 2 main games that have taken up all my spare time whenever I have the urge. The thrill of getting as many hoops as possible within a 2 or 5 minutes time period or fending off 100 waves of enemies in Robo Defense with rockets and slow towers. While the fun has been micro short lived, it has always left me wanting more.

The mobile gaming debate continues . . . >