OXCGN’s GTA III 10 Year Anniversary Smartphone/Tablet Review

OXCGN’s GTA III 10 Year Anniversary Smartphone/Tablet Review

Another stroll through Liberty City

by : GrathiusXR

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Much like Hollywood and their need to remake every single ‘classic’ movie within the last two decades, the gaming industry follows a somewhat similar route by re-releasing titles that not only defined a genre but cemented itself as a classic in the gaming industry.

With Halo reaching the 10 year mark since being released, Microsoft/343 Studios has released Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition both in its classic Xbox graphical and revamped Halo Reach graphical glory, allowing gamers old and new to experience a console-defining shooter.

Rockstar however, instead of releasing a game that was already available across every platform, has decided to go the route of releasing GTAIII on mobile and tablets (Check out Rockstars official supported devices website to see if your device made the cut).

This allows an already amazing company to allow people who wouldn’t own a console to experience a game that has been a staple in the open sandbox genre.

But does it translate well enough to smartphones/tablets?

GTA on smartphones and tablets here

iPhone: Apple Apps that help MS Xbox-Div & 360 community

Apple Apps help Xbox 360 users enjoy their gaming even more.
Apple Apps help Xbox 360 users enjoy their gaming even more.

iPhone Gaming Apps help you be more connected.

XboxLIVE on your iPhone. Got to love Apple for giving it to MS (and Sony) with free & Paid for apps that work across platforms.

by Shadow Wave

©2008 Ben Cadwallader:

The iPhone: Applications

The joys of owning a 3G iPhone just seem to go on & on & on . . .
The joys of owning a 3G iPhone just seem to go on & on & on . . .

It has only been a few days since I happily scored myself an Apple 3G iPhone, and I must say it is a truly amazing phone. In the past few days I have been overwhelmed by the vast amount of applications you can download for free, or pay for on the iTunes store.

These apps seem that they can do almost anything you can imagine. You can even check on your Xbox live friends list! And play 3D games! So read below for my impressions of a few of the iPhone applications that are available now.

Xbox LIve update:

This just in regarding getting XboxLIVE apps FREE for all users over at Blog-Wired. Here’s an excerpt, head there for full news.:

“Microsoft has officially halted the distribution of all Xbox Live-related iPhone applications via Apple’s App Store — not to quell creative coding, but instead to mandate that all such programs must be offered to users free of charge.”


Cost: $1.19 AU
This application should be free, but at its small price it warrants the purchase as an Xbox 360 user. This app is your ticket to viewing all your friends’ Gamercard information, and currently live status.

The program doesn’t actually access your own friends list, you just add their Gamertag into the application and away you go. The application can only hold about 10 – 12 Gamertags before the program starts to slow down, which is very disappointing.

But truth be told, most gamers I talk to agree, your friends list often consists of a few players that you prefer to play with a lot more than others, so this application works well with that idea in mind.

The data that is shown is their reputation, Gamerscore, location and live status. It shows their most recently played games and their total Gamerscore for each game, you cannot view each specific achievements. This app does not feature any way to communicate with your friends however. It simply serves as a way to monitor what your friends are doing perhaps on the way home on the train to plan your afternoon and evenings gaming.

I think this program is a great start, and hopefully with future updates we will see it improve a lot further, to become a great XboxLIVE application on the iPhone.

MOre Apple & 3rd party apps for your iPhone

Vodafone Australia gets the iPhone DownUnder

iPhone in Australia goes to . . Vodafone

not Telstra or Optus . . . thank goodness.

by XboxOZ360 (thanks Ben)

©2008 Grant Smythe

“`After months of speculation, debate, internet skuttle-butt, the hammer finally dropped today with the announcement that Vodafone Australia will be the carrier for the iPhone in the Australian territories. So finally, all those bricked iPhones sitting around can finally have a local carrier service

Expect a huge lift in sale for Vodafone, and personally, I think Apple has made a wise move choosing Vodafone over the two main competitors here in Australia. I sure as hell didn’t want Telstra grabbing hold of our “Precious”, as once in its grip, it would make life for any iPhone owner pure hell . . Optus on the other hand would have been my second viable choice, and seeing that Vodafone have nabbed the deal, then it ‘might’ be time to start looking at a new mobile carrier for yours truley.

Press Release:

Australia officially welcomes you iPhone, let’s have a barbie shall we.

    Vodafone today announced it has signed an agreement with Apple to sell the iPhone in Australia.”The iPhone will be the perfect addition to Vodafone Australia’s mobile handset range. The iPhone’s Australian launch is well-timed to coincide with our plans to deliver an enhanced mobile internet and entertainment experience to customers,” said Russell Hewitt, chief executive officer of Vodafone Australia.”The iPhone has already proved to be extremely popular with customers in other parts of the world and Vodafone is confident that today’s announcement will be well received by all Australians who are keen to get their hands on their own iPhone.”

    In addition to Australia, Vodafone customers in the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey will also be able to purchase the iPhone for use on the Vodafone network

    There is no news on what model iPhone will be available when it released, with much anticipation surrounding the rumoured release of a 3G model in June.

    Vodafone and Apple also couldn’t confirm whether or not the Vodafone deal was exclusive, amid rumours that the iPhone will be available on multiple networks in Australia. In the US, the iPhone is exclusively locked to the AT&T network.

    Click here for more Apple news…

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