OXCGN’s Top 5 Pointless New Kinect Titles

Top 5 Pointless New Kinect Titles

Here comes the shovelware…

by: Belgavion

©2011 Gav Ross
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Just over a year into its life, Microsoft’s Kinect hasn’t delivered much in the way of memorable gaming experiences.

There has been the odd gem such as The Gunstringer or Child of Eden, but neither managed streak up the sales charts or satisfy consumers for an extended period.

So now we come to a period in which publishers force retailers to decorate their shelves with Wii-like shovelware for the Christmas period.

That’s not to say every bad Kinect game is pointless; even if the 360 was graced with the publishing rights of a game like Petz: Horse Club, it still has a market and its release is understandable.

But it’s hard not to notice there are a few games coming up over the next few months whose existence is questionable.

Kinect shovelware this way

OXCGN’s Child Of Eden ‘Posthumous’ Review: Synaesthetic Hypnosis

Child Of Eden ‘Posthumous’ Review

Synaesthetic Hypnosis

by: Belgavion

©2011 Gav Ross

Widely recognised as the Kinect game that all ‘core’ gamers were waiting for, Child Of Eden didn’t quite live up to Ubisoft’s sales expectations.

The bonus of writing a posthumous review is that commercial success and critical observations have already played out. Child Of Eden was received very well, but it didn’t exactly fly off the shelves.

Landing in at 83rd in the NPD sales data of June was not only a blow to the publisher and developers, but it didn’t bode well for future risky outings on the Kinect platform. It wasn’t like CoE was pushed blindly, though; the game is a follow-up to creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s earlier, ground-breaking title Rez – a title that even saw release on Xbox Live Arcade a few years ago and did quite well.

Child Of Eden promised to be a successor to Rez, with even greater depth; a divine orchestration of music and movement. So what went wrong?
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OXCGN’s Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

OXCGN’s Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

Flailing ‘about’ has never been so fun

by: Belgavion

©2011 Gav Ross

From finger swiping to arm flailing, Halfbrick Studios’ Fruit Ninja has undergone a fitting evolution that no other game originally developed for
iOS can boast.

Having the honoured distinction of being the first Kinect-enabled Xbox Live Arcade title, Fruit Ninja Kinect has more pressure to deliver the goods than most downloadable titles.

Can slashing randomised produce with your arms be as fun as kicking back with an iPhone and just making your index finger tired?

Actually, it’s not just as fun, it’s even better.

For a truely fruitie, fun-filled time . . .