Get Ready for All-Out Brawling in Space with Zheros

Rimlight Studios unveils Zheros, a new 3D action brawler set in an alternative futuristic universe. Remaining true to the genre hallmarks, Zheros further builds upon them with engaging combat, expanded arsenal of moves and weapons, dazzling graphics and outrageous characters.

Blast off into the unknown vastness of the galaxy and join Mike & Captain Dorian, as they face the twisted forces of Dr. Vendetta. You are called to join the Zheros squad to stop the diabolical plan of the doctor as he plots to mutate every living creature to make them his twisted minions. Unleash powerful combos, choose among a variety of guns with custom effects and when things get really tough climb on your trusted mechanical armor and take down, once and for all, the enemies standing in your path.

Alone or in two players cooperative mode, Zheros offers intuitive but deep combat system, progressive characters and weapons development, rich environments to explore that span from futuristic cities to wilderness areas and twisted high-tech laboratories.

From crazy robots to biomechanical creatures, Zheros varied enemy types guarantee unique and engaging combat that will see players quickly utilizing their various skill and weapons to overcome the different challenges ahead. Zheros is being developed by Rimlight Studios and is scheduled for digital release in 2015 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Dead Space 3 has a mid-game twist and “did not change the formula”

dead space 3 interview

Dead Space 3 has a mid-game twist and “did not change the formula”

Interview with Dead Space 3 Producer John Calhoun

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Some people said, no I just couldn’t take it, it’s unrelenting, it was gory, it was just too much.

dead space 3 oxcgn screenshot. 5jpgEA Australia recently held a hands-on with Dead Space 3 and allowed journalists to get stomping with roughly the first 2-3 hours of the game.

Whilst it was an extremely intense session in a chilly room decked out with a fake-white snow carpet I had the chance to speak with John Calhoun producer on Dead Space 3.

In the 13 minute interview I got a better understanding of a developers point of view regarding backlash from consumers regarding the game’s change of direction and a delved a little deeper in the thought process of including certain features in the 3rd installment of this popular franchise.

Dead Space 3 interview

OXCGN’s Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions

PREVIEW_Dead space 3

OXCGN’s Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions

Freezing never felt so good

by Kent Sobey

©2013 Kent Sobey

dead space 3 3“Why won’t you just DIE?!”

This is probably a sentence that you’ll be thinking to yourself over and over again when you get a chance to play the Dead Space 3 demo. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be screaming it at the TV in a mad panic just trying to stay alive yourself.

The demo gives you two options to whet your appetite before the 7th of February when the game is actually released.

You can go at it alone and give the single player a try, or play the same section of the game with a buddy – or in my case, some random stranger on Xbox Live.

Is this the Dead Space we’ve been waiting for?

OXCGN’s Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Review: A Non-Canon Slaughterfest

OXCGN’s Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Review

A Non-Canon Slaughterfest

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

2010 saw the release of Dead Rising 2, a sequel that took many by surprise due to the fact Dead Rising‘s star, Frank West, was missing.

Players were greeted by Chuck Greene, a typical American pretty boy surviving the zombie apocalypse. Oh, and his adorable daughter Katie, who has been infected with the zombie virus.

It didn’t take place in a typical mall, it didn’t revolve around taking photos, and essentially had you catering to the whim of your daughter.

Thankfully, the gameplay remained intact to provide hours upon hours of merciless undead slaughter.

The plot consisted of Chuck attempting to uncover the conspiracy behind the infection, and get out alive… all while keeping his precious next of kin alive.

A year later, Capcom has thrown not another true sequel at us, but a redo of the second game, this time featuring the original hero.

Is it worth your time, or is it just a cheap cash-in?

Shuffle like a zombie this way