OXCGN’s NBA2K14 Next Gen Review

nba2kThe undisputed king of sports games? 

(Ed: We enlisted the knowledge of Jason Evans or better known as Jevans to bring you a review of NBA2K14 on the PS4.)

Back in November 1999, this writer purchased a Sega Dreamcast for a few titles in particular. Aside from Soul Calibur and Crazy Taxi, there was another standout launch title, in the form of a little NBA title by Visual Concept called NBA 2K. The title was lauded for its ground-breaking visuals and unprecedented authentic presentation, so of course this NBA fan simply had to have it.

14 years and two entire console generations later, NBA 2K has flourished into what is undeniably the most consistent sports title on the planet, not to mention one of the best-selling. With the recent launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we take a look at what Visual Concepts brings to the table for their first attempt on the new generation.

The King
The King

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SEGA Auction Dreamcast Collection Vinyl Record On Ebay

SEGA Auction Dreamcast™ Collection Vinyl Record On Ebay

Money Raised to be Donated to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal

by : XboxOZ360

©2011 Grant Smythe
SEGA Dreamcast '001' Vinyl Collectors Auction
SEGA Dreamcast '#001' Vinyl Collectors Record Album eBay Auction for QLD Flood Relief

It’s great to see some gaming entities finally getting behind some of the natural disasters that have befallen Australia of late. Our friends over at SEGA Australia have sent us this great news, so please do read on and check it out.

Doesn’t matter where you are in the globe, the auction is open to all comers

Hopefully, some other publishers or gaming companies will follow suit, as I know that many gamers have been affected by the Floods, Storms, Hurricanes, Fires and much more over the last several months.

As mentioned, SEGA Australia has kindly donated it’s ‘001’ SEGA Dreamcast Collectors Vinyl Record Album for the Qld Flood Relief, where ALL proceeds will go directly to the Queensland Premiers Flood Relief.

You get the '#0001' issue straight off the presses.Well worth the effort.

Below are the details and links on how to get to the eBay site to place you bids, and I know that there are many collectors out there willing to put in to help raise the fund drastically needed to help Queenslanders get back on their feet.

It’s not an easy job rebuilding one’s life after such events. Our Editor (2IC) was right in the middle of the Toowoomba floods which really shook the town from end to end affecting everyone’s lives. So none of us are safe from ‘mother nature’, but we can do our bit by supporting such efforts in raising funds to help those affected.

So I encourage you to slip over to the Ebay site and post your bids.

Check for more of eBay the Auction details . . .