OXCGN’s Controller Accessories: SquidGrip Review

Controller Accessories: SquidGrip Review 

Get a grip!

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

I’ve got almost a dozen various 360 controllers sitting in my room due to having a nasty habit of needing to have a new one with a different color or design whenever they’re released. However, I’ve never dipped my toe into buying third-party controllers such as Razer or Madcatz because the official 360 controller did the job 100% of the time for me.

I’m not one to buy new thumbsticks to extend my 360 degree spin, or different triggers because anyone who’s seen me play shooters knows I have a mean trigger finger.

When a good friend asked me if I wanted to review SquidGrips for my 360 I thought that it was worth a try to at least see what IS on the market available for players.

After looking up the product, I was surprised to see these are just a pair of adhesive grips that stick onto the sides of your controllers to improve grip and reduce sweating.

SquidGrips for the moment come in black (although I do wish in the future they could have various colours such as red, blue, purple etc..) and they look pleasing on almost any coloured controller.

They do have standard black badges, but you can buy custom ones off the SquidGrip website that do have various colours for a very minimal fee.

See if your grip is bettered!

OXCGN’s Darksiders II Review: Death Comes Knocking

OXCGN’s Darksiders II Review

Death Comes Knocking

by David Faulk

©2012 David Faulk

Death. The big sleep. The final curtain call. The inevitable. The end.

This is how Darksiders 2 begins.

Darksiders 2 is the sequel to THQ and Vigil’s mildly successful game Darksiders, which was released in early 2010.

It takes place during the events of the first game, with the most powerful of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Death, riding to clear the sullied name of his brother, War.

Instead of taking place solely on Earth, Darksiders 2 takes Death all around the outer realms, from Angelic Outposts to the Land of the Dead, and practically everywhere in between.

Darksiders 2 review

OXCGN’s Darksiders II Event: ‘Death’ comes for us all

OXCGN’s Darksiders II Event 

‘Death’ comes for us all

by Chris Fox

© 2012 Chris Fox

THQ were nice enough to invite me to their European headquarters to show off their new game last Monday.

The place: sweltering hot London.

The game: Darksiders II.

The food: really, really good burgers.

The question on the lips of everyone present was can Darksiders II take the enjoyable exploration and even more enjoyable combat to the next level for this sequel?

It was time to saddle up with the four horsemen and find out.

Darkness II answers here

E3 2012: Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay Preview

E3 2012: Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay Preview

Snowbound and ready for action

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

THQ Australia held a pre-E3 showcase event highlighting their current line up of upcoming titles with never before seen gameplay footage for the lucky “elite” of the Australian media.

Sitting in front of a projector screen, we were told that the video showcase would run for 40 minutes, 20 minutes for a Company of Heroes 2 gameplay footage with developer commentary and 20 minutes for Metro: Last Light consisting of a never before seen level showcasing the games exploration and less action orientated gameplay.  But we’ll get to that in a later article.

For now it’s back to the eastern front of World War 2 with Real Time Strategy title Company of Heroes 2.

Join up, soldier, click here

OXCGN’s Darksiders II extensive hands-on preview

OXCGN’s Darksiders II extensive hands-on preview

This ain’t your ordinary Grim Reaper

by : GrathiusXR

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

I copped quite an barrage of negativity from gamers back in 2009 for my play on the words with my Darksiders Hands-On article, stating that it was the real “God Of War”.

Some got it and some didn’t and that’s fine, it still generated interest in the title and people moved on.

Now we find ourselves in 2012 and THQ Australia have once again invited OXCGN to get their hands stained with blood in Darksiders II.

Having to travel all the way to Darling Point, Sydney, I arrived late at my destination and found myself standing outside what looked like a castle, which was a fitting setting for Darksiders II.

Darksiders II this way