The Apocalypse And Food Poisoning – DayZ Alpha Impressions

dayzThe smash hit zombie mod finally releases its standalone version

I like to think of myself an old hand at DayZ, which rose to fame as a mod for the military simulator ARMA II and its expansions.

For the later half of 2012 and the vast majority of 2013, in my spare time you’d most likely find me in Chernarus, where a group of friends and I would have all sorts of adventures. From defending an area against large organised clans, to spending three hours looking for some scrap metal to finally repair a vehicle, DayZ always produced something different. The thing that allowed DayZ to capture gamers’ imaginations was leaving the gameplay up to them. Rocket and the rest of the DayZ mod team gave players the tools, but it was up to them to do something with it.

In a time where blockbuster AAA titles were being released left, right and centre, I always found it hard to pull away from DayZ. Even if I managed to, it wouldn’t be too long before I’d be back in the wilderness of Chernarus with my friends. Hell, I stopped playing Bioshock: Infinite half way through because I had way more enjoyment in DayZ, and still do.

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OXCGN’s Dead Rising 3 Review


An Apocalyptic Playground

Capcom Vancouver’s Dead Rising 3 is a visceral experience.

As an exclusive title for the Xbox One, it aims to not only demonstrate the power of the next generation console, it also aims to (more importantly) let players loose in a virtual playground where all the toys are capable of inflicting grievous bodily harm. Games featuring zombies are a dime a dozen in this day and age, and their saturation within the media means that anything zombie-related needs to stand out. With this in mind, as well as Dead Rising 3 being the third title in the series, can it survive the horde and survive on its own?

No stylish survivor would been seen in public without their trusty Sledgesaw.
No stylish survivor would been seen in public without their trusty Sledgesaw.

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DayZ: A Survivor’s Guide for the Uninitiated


DayZ: A Survivor’s Guide for the Uninitiated

How to last longer than a day in Chernarus

by Daniel Geikowski

©2013 Daniel Geikowski

dayz screenshots oxcgn #3DayZ.

You may have heard of it.

For those that haven’t, let me break it down for you.

DayZ is a Zombie MMO, built as a mod for Bohemia Interactive‘s ARMA II. DayZ has been the reason why ARMA II has enjoyed great sales, long after the game’s initial release.

DayZ takes place in Chernarus, where a zombie infestation has hit the population, where the player washes up on shore, with the sole task of survival.

That’s pretty much it. Survive.

Can you survive?

Patient 0: A Real Life Zombie Slaying Experience

ARTICLE_Patient 0

Patient 0: A Real Life Zombie Slaying Experience

Training for the eventual apocalypse

by Daniel Geikowski

©2012 Daniel Geikowski

Patient 0Zombies. Everybody loves them.

Zombies are one of gaming’s favourite enemies. More often than not, they just shuffle around, waiting for us players to kindly blow them away. Zombies are a safe choice of enemy when developing a game, as most people won’t think twice about mowing down a walking corpse.

Zombie games are really popular with players, and are seemingly everywhere nowadays. Players have many apocalypses to choose from, such as Resident Evil, Dead Rising, ZombiU, House of the Dead, Left 4 Dead, etc.

Titles usually pit players against hordes of undead (obviously), testing them to survive and escape the apocalypse.

Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse?