Fear Returns to Dead Space 3

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Fear Returns to Dead Space 3

OXCGN gets another look

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

dead space 3 oxcgn screenshot. 5jpgLet’s go back to mid-last year, back to June when E3 was well under way and OXCGN writers were participating in an EA Booth tour. We had the chance to watch a very action oriented hands-off demo gameplay walkthrough of Dead Space 3.

It didn’t really interest me due to the fact that it was mostly run and gun with a lot happening on the screen, and to me it wasn’t the Dead Space I had come to love. It was all about Unitologist soldiers along with Necromorphs firing automatic weapons back at Isaac.

The need to take cover behind crates to hide from enemy fire only to emerge at the right moment to take a shot, well, the market is flooded with this type of stuff already. The last thing I wanted to see was the same gameplay I’ve seen countless times in various other franchises especially from a game that had been such a good survival horror game.

Dead-Space-3-oxcgn_screenshot 26_shipFast forward to today and Visceral are starting to showcase more of what I want, survival horror where I’m required to creep down a corridor with my plasma cutter always drawn in case a Necromorph bursts out of the ceiling vent above, in an attempt to tear me to shreds.

Where I must scavenge dead bodies or crates in hope of finding ammo or health packs. Where I have to manage my ammo and ensure I don’t consume too much because the next area is becoming increasingly difficult.

Dead Space 3 here

OXCGN’s EA Showcase Snapshot: Crysis 3, SimCity, and The Devil’s Cartel

PREVIEW_ea showcase 2012

OXCGN’s EA Showcase Snapshot: Crysis 3, SimCity, and The Devil’s Cartel

A showcase of EA’s Q1 2013 lineup

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

ea logo oxcgnIt’s astounding to think that all the games at EA Australia’s Showcase will be released in Q1 of 2013. These range from the beautiful title Crysis 3, to Insomniac‘s first multiplatform title and new IP known as FUSE.

The line up is disappointingly filled with shooters, which I have to admit is starting to make this last stretch of current generation consoles over-crowded. With that being said though, EA do have Maxis‘s SimCity, my highlight of the showcase.

With FUSE and Dead Space 3 being the bigger titles of the line up, we’ve decided to bring back the snapshot format OXCGN utilized during previous events of this year.

This way, you’re able to digest more important information that we feel would interest you.

Get a glimpse of 2013!

Gamescom 2012: OXCGN’s EA Report

OXCGN’s Gamescom Report

EA: Es ist im Spiel!

by Chris Fox

©2012 Chris Fox

OXCGN staff writer Chris Fox files his reports on Gamescon continuing with EA’s offerings.

EA, not to be outdone, opened their press conference with…

EA @ Gamescom here

Dead Space 3 Preview: Don’t like change? Then you most likely won’t enjoy Dead Space 3

E3 2012: Don’t like change? Then you most likely won’t enjoy Dead Space 3

True survival horror is dead

by  Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Spending time at the EA booth at E3, which took the better part of 5 hours. I managed to get my hands and eyes on almost every title they had to offer.

Dead Space 3, developed by Visceral Games, was being shown and was an extremely visceral (oops…a pun) and visually gruesome showcase.

From the moment Isaac awoke upside down in a crashed cockpit, to the sound of the howling blizzard he needed to traverse, everything sounded crisp and clear.

Too bad the vision for this game seems less clear, as what followed had me shaking my head in dismay.  True survival horror seems to have died, an action-focused alien bursting from its innards to replace it.

Dead Space, dead horror: read here

Copycat Games: Is stealing gameplay ideas from others evolution?

Copycat Games

Is stealing gameplay ideas from others evolution?

by Daniel Geikowski

©2012 Daniel Geikowski

A little from Column A, and a little from Column B.

Originality in games has always been an important factor.

Originality allows a game to stand out from the crowd. Over time, games have tended to borrow elements or settings from other games, seemingly gaining inspiration from other titles.

This isn’t to say that games are blatantly copying elements or features from alternate titles, instead it can be argued that it is simply video games evolving. Elements and features are being reworked and refined over time, to suit the specific game’s style.

Is this game truly original?

Originality is far from dead.

New narratives and settings are being created all the time. However, almost anywhere you look nowadays, new games on the horizon contain some familiar features.

E3 this year demonstrated a lot of common elements , with few additions. Here are some strong examples of games ‘borrowing’ from others.

E3 games that ‘borrowed’ ideas here

Dead Space 2 Review: Slice-n-Dice, Is It Twice As Nice

Dead Space 2 Review:

halo reach consoleSlice-n-Dice, is it as twice as nice?

by: Shadow Wave

©2011 Ben Cadwallader

Visceral Games brand new flagship title, Dead Space 2 has finally been released to slice up the usually quiet January period.

Be prepared to watch every possible limb be torn, ripped, cut or shot off of the evil Necromorphs who have once again made their way back into the protagonist: Isaac Clarke‘s life.

Oh Isaac is insane and has a voice now, so expect to see some more Doom 3-esque horror sequences that don’t revolve around enemies jumping out from the dark to scare the pants off you.

With that being said, don’t expect to be losing your pants at all in this game (well maybe once or twice).

As Visceral said when Dead Space 2 was announced that the sequel would focus more on action and Uncharted 2 like action scenes. And they have done just that.

Gone are the incredibly eerie and dark confinements of the Ishimura from the original game, gone (mostly) are the unique set/scripted pieces that just made you scream and finally gone are the freak-you-out moments that turn out to be nothing, and you just laugh it off…

Turn those lights back on . . .

Gamers Forcing EA To Return To Old Ways

Gamers Forcing EA To Return To Old Ways

david-twiter-avatar1by dkpatriarch

© 2009 David Hilton

Remember the bad old EA so many of us gamers spent oodles of time criticising?EA: Bloodied, but not out

EA was the big time publisher that made huge amounts of cash off only releasing games from their pre-existing IPs (Intellectual Properties) like Medal Of Honor, Battlefield, and Burnout, their yearly sports ‘updates’, and off movie licenses like James Bond and Lord Of The Rings.

Most of the games were good, and some of them were bad, but what annoyed many of us the most was that they were being safe and not bothering to try and bring creative new gaming experiences, especially to consoles.  They had the money and the clout to try and be fresh and innovative, but they were just sitting back because they could.

Then they changed.  But now huge financial losses and a layoff of 1,500 staff may herald the end of their positive experiment into new IPs and innovation and a return to the old EA business model.

And it’s our fault.

The future of gaming innovation . . . >

Why Has Risen Fallen? The R18 Debate Revived In Australia

Risen Refused Classification – OFLC Strikes Again

david twitterby dkpatriarch

© 2009 David Hilton

Here we go again. oxcgn risen

Risen, due for release in October for PC and 360, is the latest game banned in Australia, given the dreaded “refused classification” tag by the Aussie Classification Board.

The offending game Risen, by Gothic developers Piranha Bytes, is a third person Role Playing Game (RPG) that apparently contains “sexual activity and drug use related to incentives or rewards.”

Risen buried? More…>