OXCGN’s Exclusive Deadfall Adventures Interview

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OXCGN’s Exclusive Deadfall Adventures Interview

“Please don’t expect it to copy Uncharted”

by David Hilton and Nicholas Laborde

© 2013 David Hilton

Deadfall_screenshot_1_oxcgnWhen I first saw the Deadfall Adventures trailer I breathed a little sigh of joy.

No space marine.  No modern soldier.  No blown up warehouses.

Here was what looked like a First Person Indiana Jones game; a game with a sense of adventure instead of dread for the fate of the world.

We jumped at the chance to discover more about the game and see what the developers were going to be striving for.

Deadfall_screenshot_2_oxcgnArthur Falkowski is the producer at The Farm 51, the Polish studio behind Necrovision and Painkiller: Pain and Damnation.

Reinhard Pollice is the Business & Product Development Director at Swedish publisher Nordic Games.

We asked them to elaborate on what we saw in the video.

Deadfall Adventures here