EB Expo 2011: No Room for Movement

EB Expo 2011: No Room for Movement

How can moving your arm be so hard?

by: Allegionary

©2011 Alex Hilton
Look Out!

I was in a Microsoft booth, ready to swing my lightsaber around and destroy some droids when, out of nowhere, there came a hand from God that helped the battle droids by freezing my lightsaber.

This hand came from an evil Master Chief cosplayer who happened to be heading for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Playing Kinect Star Wars at the recent EB Expo on the Gold Coast was enjoyable until this unusual event that caused my lightsaber to malfunction.

No Space to MOVE

EB Expo 2011 Coverage in Surfers Paradise with OXCGN

OXCGN EB Expo 2011 Coverage

Your one & only EB Expo one-spot-stop

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde
EB Expo 2011

You’re Australian, and you have pined for E3. It’s where every developer and publisher excitedly announces they are pregnant with their upcoming babies; the games we have over the forthcoming years.

Okay, not the most eloquent analogy ever produced, but you get the point.

If you live in Oz, you aren’t exactly at the forefront of gaming, that is until this year.

You’re used to high cost games, late releases or sometimes none at all due to banning or ‘the market being too small’.  Besides a few games like L.A. Noire, a game that sent Team Bondi into financial difficulty, you haven’t produced too many huge titles either.  Your media has to travel the furthest to get to the world’s big game events.

But now EB Expo is this weekend on Australia’s sexy Gold Coast. The EB Games Expo 2011 is Australia’s first gaming event of this magnitude, and as media we will have some exclusive access to parts of it.

Try to contain your excitement, now! What? You aren’t going, live somewhere else, didn’t score a ticket or have a ravenous animal attacking you tomorrow morning?

Have no fear! OXCGN will be on the floor (and all over the place) providing unrivaled coverage, and the highest quality content of any Australian-based outlet (see we can talk big too!).
See what’s in-store for readers at EB Expo 2011. . . .