300 More Titanfall Collectors Editions Available from EB Games Australia!

titanfallheaderIf you missed out last time, get in quick!

The Titanfall Collectors edition is an impressive package, featuring a highly detailed, LED lit, limited edition statue of ‘titanic’ proportions. EB Games Australia, exclusive stockists of the edition, initially secured three hundred Xbox One Collectors Editions, which sold out incredibly fast and more than a few eager collectors found themselves empty-handed.

Titanfall Collectors Editions go up for pre-order 15/1/14 at 10am!
Titanfall Collectors Editions go up for pre-order 15/1/14 at 10am!

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Exclusive Retailer Collector’s Edition Deals: Unfair Trading Or Value for Money?

Exclusive Retailer Collector’s Edition Deals:

Is it Unfair Trading Or Value for Money?

by Allegionary

©2010 Alex Hilton

On January 28th of this year I bought the Collector’s Edition for Mass Effect 2. It was an ‘Exclusive Retailers Edition’ that was only available at EB Games.

I payed $120 for what ended up being a pretty average collector’s edition, but what annoyed me the most was that EB Games had no other competitors offering the same or very similar collector editions, so it was either pay the full recommended retail price (RRP), which I hardly ever do, or go without.

At the moment most game stores are getting retail-exclusive-content for most of the big AAA games heading our way. The content for these are either in-game content and or small objects that are included in the game package like a figurine. To collect, or not to collect . . .

Microsoft And Game Informer Want Aussie Xbox Users thoughts

Australian Xbox Gamers – Have your GamerTag in Game Informer-Au

by XboxOZ360:

©2010 Grant Smythe:
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Game Informer launched a new Aussie Edition in November of last year, and they recently approached us to help them gather some data for a promotion they are running in conjunction with Microsoft Xbox Division Australia.

A very simple thing really, just answer a few questions listed below,, email them to GameInformer Au, and you ‘could’ get your GamerTag up in print .

Also remember, this is a professional publication, be mindful office staff etc will be reading your answers, and show some maturity . . .

So if Game Informer do happen to let us know of any unfortunate incidents, it could stop us from offering gamers such opportunities to our readers in the future.

With that in mind, here’s what Game Informer Au and Microsoft Xbox-Div Aust would like to know from Australian Xbox Users. This information is required quickly, and your opportunity is brief, so get the Answers in via email asap.

Answer some simple questions, get in print . . . >

Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Walked All Over By Aussies

Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Walked All Over By Aussies

by XboxOZ360

©2009 Grant Smythe – OXCGN.com

Some local news for a change, which makes a nice change from all the E3 stuff we’ve been dishing out in the last 3 days (and there’s still MORE to come – ahhhh).

Anyway, head on back to Australia for a moment, to Melbourne Victoria, and we find that Australia has been walking all over Red Faction: Guerrilla – literally.

Yes, that’s right, walking all over it.

WIll this stand the test of time, I certainly hope so
Jenny McCracken- will this stand the test of time, I certainly hope so

At a local EB Games store in downtown Melbourne (Number 67 Swanson Street), to help THQ launch their excellent game, Red Faction: Guerrilla, renowned 3D chalk artist, Jenny McCracken,  took to the shop pavement and worked frantically after-hours to create this vibrant piece of artwork you see in these pics (click on them to enlarge).

I only hope Council or the Centre Management sees its way clear to coat them in a highly foot resistant top-coat, so they ‘stand’ the test of time, as they look awesome actually.

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