OXCGN’s Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Review: A Narrative Masterpiece

OXCGN’s Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Review

A Narrative Masterpiece

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

Fallout 3 set an unusually high standard in the world of post-release downloadable content.

Its successor, Fallout: New Vegas, has been walking a fine line between very good and very bad when confronted with this topic.

All of that has changed, though, with Lonesome Road, the fourth and final downloadable content for the title.

It’s a tough journey, and only few have lived to tell the tale of the adventures that lie beyond.

Are you prepared to walk the Lonesome Road?

So what’s along the Lonesome road . . .

The Ruins of RAGE

The Ruins of RAGE

Can Post-Apocalypse landscapes be beautiful?

by: Edge_11SS

©2011 Nicholas Capozzoli

I’ve been paying a lot of attention lately to the design of the environments in Rage.

For the most part, what’s been shown of the game seems to exhibit the type of post-apocalyptic stylings that we’ve come to expect from such games, a la Fallout 3, Borderlands, Resistance, Gears of War and the like.

That’s not always considered a positive thing. A bit dreary and brown colored, one might think, and more of the same.

Myself though, I couldn’t be more excited. I’m actually quite a sucker for just that sort of aesthetic. The rustier, the better, I always say.
Why all the ‘Rage’?…..

Gamers Need Less, Not More, In-Game Control

Gamers Need Less, Not More, In-Game Control

Is player choice always a good thing?

by: Edge_11SS

©2011 Nick Capozzoli
RPG: Too much choice?

“Role-playing game” is a bit of a misnomer.  After all, players assume a role in every game.

Colloquially, the term now best defines games which present players with the ability to customize aspects of their adventure. Role-playing games increasingly afford the player with new areas of choice: what was once simply equipment and strategy has extended to include characters, appearance, personality, and storyline.

The last few years have been marked by a shift in gamer preference away from the more stringent, regimented experiences of Japanese RPGs, and towards the open-ended, player-dictated experiences of Western RPGs like Fallout and Mass Effect.

Why all the fuss over control . . . ?

OXCGN’s RAGE Preview: A Testament To The Legacy of id

RAGE Preview

A Testament To The Legacy of id

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

QuakeCon 2011 has come and gone, and I’m still recuperating.

Hauling two rigs on a small cart for at least half of a mile does not go well with your arms and shoulders, especially when you have to go up three tiny yet momentous stairs.

In the first days of the event, I was darting around as Press; one event within that series was a behind-closed-doors press appointment (even though the doors were very open) for id Software‘s RAGE, their first title in seven years.

Thanks to the kind folks at Bethesda, there is no embargo on what I experienced; what you’ll see here is only the honest, realistic truth regarding what id Software has been working on. Is it worth the wait?

What Borderlands 2 Needs To Be A Success

Borderlands 2

What It Needs To Be A Success

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

If you didn’t hear, Borderlands 2 was sort of revealed by Gearbox Software leader Randy Pitchford in a conversation; if that’s not good enough for you, they filed a trademark on the name ‘Borderworlds‘ a while back. It may be unconfirmed, but a sequel is definitely on its way.

While this is all good and exciting, this immediately brings to mind what they’ll do next.

Details are nonexistent at this point, but this is what I want Gearbox to present to us on our second looting-spree of Pandora (if that’s even the setting this time). Read on and see what Borderlands 2 needs to not suck!

OXCGN’s Monster Fallout: New Vegas Review: Post-Apocalypse Now!

America’s Post-Apocalyptic Playground

by exterminat

©2010 Nicholas Laborde

In my Medal of Honor review recently, I pointed out how we’re seeing a myriad of reboots lately. Well, in 2008, a reboot of some significance was released, and it was called Fallout 3.

Never in my life have I seen more people pick up a title and not realize that there was a number on the end of it, denoting the fact that it was not a new series or IP.

Most of the audience who partook in Fallout 3 had never heard of the series before, essentially leading Bethesda to establish a massive new player base. And since each iteration in the Fallout series is its own unique story, the game might as well have been called The Fallout Reboot (or even just Fallout, as with the current trend).

Fallout New Vegas, return to good times? – – or not?

Game Narratives: Losing the Plot?

How interactivity can kill the narrative

by AXIS of Reality

©2010 Alex Baldwin

I like a good story. Something with characters I can relate to, genuine people with their own hopes, dreams and fear.

Something with a plot that twists and turns, surprising at every turn but always making sense. Something personal, as if it was constructed only for me and my unique journey through the game.

Something I will never see.

It’s a simple fact: the perfect narrative does not exist.

I can’t be anymore blunt than that. Try as I might, I have yet to find a game that can connect with me on all the levels.

A great story may fulfill one or two of the criteria, but it can never provide all due to the simple thing that separates games from passive media such film and novels. Games are interactive.

What drives you in a game . . . ?

Metro 2033 and Fallout 3: Contrasting Apocalypses

A short comparison in post-apocalyptic gaming

by I Commentator I

© 2010 Declan S
The Ultimate wasteland maker - the Atomic Bomb

A society being rebuilt after the fallout of a nuclear war? Sounds familiar…

Metro 2033, developed by 4A Games and published by THQ is the newest first person shooter on the Xbox 360.

Adapted from a novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 throws you in to a world where a nuclear fallout has left Russia contaminated, and the survivors have been pushed underground into the Moscow subway.

Now they are in a desperate struggle to rebuild society fighting against 3 other rebelious groups, and to fight off not only mutants but also Paranormal forces known as Dark ones.

Welcome to oblivion . . . >