OXCGN’s Battleship Review

OXCGN’s Battleship Review

Who sunk our battleship?

by: aksobey

©2012 Kent Sobey

When one thinks of Battleship, the first thing that comes to mind is a grid-based game which largely involves a lot of guessing.

Well, Double Helix games decided to go in a different direction with their video game interpretation of ‘Battleship’, based on the recently released movie.

When I put the game into my Xbox the last thing I expected was a first person shooter but guess what, that’s exactly what it is.

If you’re anything like me, you would be simultaneously disappointed and excited by this prospect.

Disappointed because Battleship didn’t actually need much improvement being the amazing game it already was and excited because first person shooters are my favourite genre.

Is this battleship sunk?

OXCGN’s Syndicate Review: What Aussies Are Missing

OXCGN’s Syndicate Review

What Aussies are missing

by: Edge_11SS

©2012 Nicholas Capozzoli

Editor: As this game has been ‘refused classification’ in Australia, we are pleased our overseas staff can provide a review of what Aussies are missing.

It’s clear from the opening cutscene that Syndicate follows some well-trod ground.

Set in a cyberpunk dystopia where a handful of megacorporations vie for global dominance and control over a suped-up internet, it’s Neuromancer-type fare through and through.

Don’t begrudge developer Starbreeze that, however. Though the themes may be familiar, they’re still surprisingly unexplored within gaming, and rife with interesting design opportunities. Continue reading OXCGN’s Syndicate Review: What Aussies Are Missing

OXCGN’s Goldeneye 007 Reloaded Review

OXCGN’S Goldeneye 007 Reloaded Review

Loaded with blanks, or cynic-piercing bullets?

by: dkpatriarch

©2011 David Hilton

I know I’m going to shock some of you with this statement: I enjoyed Goldeneye Reloaded MORE than Modern Warfare 3.

There I said it, and I stick by it.

Activision’s newest James Bond game may not beat Modern Warfare 3 for scale, drama, or cinematics, but for actual gameplay it reinforces the argument that not all modern First Person Shooters need to be serious warfare games.

There is still a lot of room for quality escapist Bond fun where there is challenge to achieve extra objectives and sometimes multiple pathways to finishing a level.

Modern Warfare 3‘s single player campaign is a dramatic intense interactive experience; Goldeneye Reloaded is a game.

007 move this way…

Serious Sam 3: BFE Strategy Guide Released

Serious Sam 3: BFE

Strategy Guide Released

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

In a world supersaturated with modern warfare FPS titles, it takes a lot to stand above the crowd.

Many gamers who have been playing shooters since the DOOM era know what a real shooter is. I’m looking at YOU, Serious Sam.

Fast-paced action. Enemies everywhere. Overwhelming odds. No regenerating health. Serious Sam 3: BFE looks to cure our modern shooter ailment by bringing back the classic FPS, and it may just succeed.

With less than 24 hours to go, a strategy guide for the title has been released.
The serious side of Serious Sam . . .

OXCGN’s RAGE Review: id Returns With Unrivaled Intensity


id Returns With Unrivaled Intensity

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

id Software is a name in this industry that will never fade.

Considering that id’s Technical Director (because he’s too awesome to hold one single title for a long period of time) John Carmack pioneered three-dimensional gaming with Wolfenstein 3D, and later went on to create DOOM and Quake, it’s hard to ignore id’s pedigree and contributions.

It’s been seven long years since DOOM 3 rocked our lives [with its black screens], and id is back in their typical style with RAGE.

The ‘classic’ FPS meets the modern age. The enemies terrify me to my very core.

id has returned with their standard of unrivaled intensity.

Will this game inspire joy or RAGE? here

EB Expo 2011: OXCGN’s Halo: Anniversary Hands-On

Halo: Anniversary Hands-On

The old, the new and the 3D.

by AXiDER, formerly AXIS of Reality

©2011 Alex Baldwin

The EB Expo 2011 is off to an amazing start, and what it lacks in new announcements it makes up for in providing hands-on time for almost every major upcoming game.

But what can we learn from playing a game whose advertised is its unchanged decade-old gameplay? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

The very first thing I got down and dirty with was the campaign, and I was immediately struck with how well the gameplay has aged. Everything feels and is identical, but it just goes to show how little the core gameplay of first-person shooters has changed in ten years.

Diving into the 343 Guilty Spark swamp level, everything remained in sync with my memories. And that is not at all a bad thing, with no feeling of aged gameplay and much more active gunfights than the more modern focus on cover-based firefights. No iron-sights for you!

Is Halo Anniversary worth the time & effort – we think so . . .

Battlefield 3: OXCGN’s Definitive Preview: All Platforms + Max Detail PC Screens!

Battlefield 3: OXCGN’s Definitive Preview

All Platforms + Max Detail PC Screens!

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

It’s been six long years since Battlefield 2 took the world by storm and began a revolution in online gaming.

Never before had a series made such an enormous leap in terms of technology, gameplay and overall functionality.

Over half a decade and six games later, Battlefield 3 has arrived (at least in Beta form) and promises to culminate in a melting pot of every single thing that has made Battlefield great… but does it actually accomplish this?

OXCGN looks at its offerings across all three platforms, and what we found just may surprise you.

All screenshots are in-game, taken on the PC beta.

Are ‘you’ ready for Battlefield 3 – we are . . .

Why Battlefield will never outsell Call of Duty

Why Battlefield will never outsell Call of Duty

So, let’s be realistic shall we …

by: aksobey

©2011 Kent Sobey

battlefield 3 screenshots“Why Battlefield will never outsell Call of Duty.”

You’ve read the title, and now you’re in a fit of rage. “How can this fanboy propose such a preposterous idea?!”

Well, I’m not a fanboy and I love both franchises equally. I play more Call of Duty online than Battlefield but am well versed in both nonetheless.

To put it simply, I’m a realist who enjoys the best of both worlds.

It’s a good thing I didn’t shout “why Call of Duty is better than Battlefield” out over the internet because I am sure we would have several angry mobs heading our way.

I am not here to decide which game is better, I just thought a little insight into why Call of Duty sells so well might be interesting.

So let the battle begin . . .