Game Architecture: 5 Exemplary Works

Game Architecture: 5 Exemplary Works

How environments improve the gaming experience

by: Edge_11SS

©2011 Nicholas Capozzoli

Seven years of architecture school taught me that architecture is a tough thing to pin down. It actively resists being fenced in by restrictive definitions, sharing movements with other industries and dabbling in all forms of media.

I’d say that the representation of structure in video games does sit somewhere within the murky boundaries of what architecture “is”.

It’s a designed spatial experience, even if that experience is fundamentally different than the one associated with traditional architecture.

When analyzing the role that architecture plays in video games, one finds that it serves a set of wholly different purposes. While the aesthetic considerations remain largely the same, architecture in video games also exists to further the games’ other intentions, whatever they may be.

Game architecture can succeed by improving gameplay, enhancing atmosphere, or telling a story.

What follows are but a few of the best examples of architecture in gaming that I’ve come across, unsorted and open for expansion.

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