Backwards Compatibility Prank Bricks Your Xbox One

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Backwards Compatibility Prank Bricks Your Xbox One

Want to play your favourite Xbox 360 titles on your shiny new Xbox One? Follow these instructions and you’ll end up playing nothing

by Yvan Zivkovic

Ah, internet, first you told me Santa wasn’t real, now you’re trying to destroy my shiny new toy.

The folks over at 4chan have devilishly put together a rather authentic image which makes users believe that they can turn on backwards compatibility on their Xbox One so they can play their old Xbox 360 games, when in reality all it does is make it a big, black, giant, expensive paperweight.

The instructions tell the player that the backwards compatibility is disabled by default, and following a specific set of instructions will turn on said feature, when in reality, all it does is brick your console.

Xbox One Bricking
Yeah, don’t do this. Seriously

Microsoft have yet to respond to users who were unfortunate enough to fall for the prank, so they’re left to actually playing their Xbox 360 instead. One may assume there might be no official fix, and just hope the retailer they purchased it from is kind/dumb enough to take it back for another one.

Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, has come out on Twitter regarding the issue, although this might be a case of too little, too late from some Xbox One owners.

To anyone who was unfortunate enough to fall for this prank, Microsoft do have one solution for you, if you want a device to play your old Xbox games, they already have one, it’s called the Xbox 360.

Well, it’s a lot cheaper than another Xbox One.

©2013 Yvan ZIvkovic

FIFA14 Interview: “Art Imitates Life”

FIFA14 InterviewFIFA14 Interview: “Art Imitates Life”

Get excited for Gen 4 FIFA14

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

fifa14_xb1_oznz_jpg_jpgcopyWith FIFA14 already released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and being limited with the hardware, FIFA14 on PS4 and the Xbox One needed something different. Something drastic to help it break away from the problems that has plagued the game for so long, sloppy AI, legacy problems and many others.

We had the chance to chat with Peter Trenouth Producer at EA Vancouver, at a FIFA14 event that EA Australia held a few weeks back where I believe I spent roughly 5 hours standing competing against Junglist for supremacy.

If you’re interested to see how the game has been improved with a new engine and where it looks to continue to bring more realistic attributes to it, then read on.

I’d like to personally thank EA Australia again for not only their hospitality but for setting up this interview.

They know how to treat the media and community and it was definitely a great night, where everyone had a lot of fun.

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OXCGN’s Nintendo 2DS Preview


OXCGN’s Nintendo 2DS Preview

York shares his thoughts

by York Robilliard

©2013 York Robilliard

The 2DS has the dubious distinction of being the middle child in the 3DS line-up despite being its newest addition. I’m here to tell you that despite our subconscious desire to label it so as a result of the “3” counting back to “2”, this is simply not the case.

Initial impressions over the internet would have you believe that this device is a less capable, “fisher-pricey” 3DS. The reality is that the unit is not only of quality design, but the price point provides an excellent way to get into 3DS gaming without paying the $200+ entry fee for a new 3DS model.

It goes without saying the 2DS is a very different beast from its brethren, essentially a modern Gameboy advance with two screens.

Foregoing the clamshell design introduced by the original “phat” DS, the 2DS is a sturdy wedge shape that not only feels the right kind of weighty in my hands, but intelligently (for the most part) matches the 3DS models function set despite the change of design.

Though the plastic may not feel as premium as the 3DS or even DSi, it is by no means a tacky sensation that you feel when holding the unit.


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Titanfall Shows Us How A Collector’s Edition Is Done


Titanfall Shows Us How A Collector’s Edition Is Done

Worthy of its scale!

by Jayden Perry

©2013 Jayden Perry

titanfall-collectors-editionThis morning Respawn Entertainment made two major announcements in regards to their highly anticipated title, Titanfall. The first was the game’s release date, launching on the 13th March 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. The second, and more exciting announcement, was that of the game’s Collector’s Edition.
Check out what’s falling our way!

OXCGN’s Tomb Raider Review

REVIEW_Tomb Raider

OXCGN’s Tomb Raider Review

A Survivor is Reborn

by Daniel Geikowski

©2013 Daniel Geikowski

PS2CoverSheet108Rebooting a game is risky business.

On one hand, a game is usually rebooted due to a decline in popularity of a franchise, where a fresh start and new perspective is required. Therefore, various changes and mechanics are implemented, sometimes with characters being overhauled in order to generate new interest in the series.

On the other hand however, altering much of the core themes, characters or mechanics can have disastrous effects. Developers risk damaging their product even further and possibly losing the last remnants of an audience they were so desperate to retain.

Time is also a factor on the popularity of a franchise. As time goes on, and more entries are released, it is only a matter of time before fans begin to lose interest due to stale or overused mechanics, bland characters, and cliched storylines.

The latest entry into the franchise, simply titled Tomb Raider, aims to reboot the ailing series, detailing the beginnings of the young Lara Croft.

And it succeeds.

Developer Crystal Dynamics, along with publisher Square Enix, have injected the once popular Tomb Raider series with new life.

Tomb Raider successfully reappropriates the franchise for a new generation of gamers thanks to updated mechanics, along with two very important things: a believable main character and a well-told story.

See if Lara’s new adventure is for you…

OXCGN’s Crysis 3 Review

Crysis 2012 Headers review

OXCGN’s Crysis 3 Review

Best looking game on 360 to date?

by Daniel Geikowski

©2013 Daniel Geikowski

crysis3 packartGamers love being badasses.

Whether it’s being placed in the shoes of a supersoldier wielding an arsenal of weapons, a highly-trained assassin, or given superhuman powers by an ancient god, gamers love playing the one man (or woman) army.

These gamers can rejoice once more, as EA‘s Crysis 3 lets players become the ultimate badass, the perfect hunter, by using the famous Nanosuit.

It’s one thing to be given a whole bunch of neat abilities though, but players want to roam environments in which they can constantly utilise said abilities without feeling forced.

Thankfully, Crytek has once again created some diverse and gorgeous environments in which to blow enemies to hell in. Situated in an abandoned New York, nature has reclaimed the city, perfect for hunting unsuspecting prey throughout.

Crytek and EA have given players the ability to approach objectives in various ways, utilising the Nanosuit’s various abilities, as they try to defeat CELL, and the Ceph, once and for all.

Crysis 3 verdict here

OXCGN’s Dead Space 3 Review

dead space 3 review

OXCGN’s Dead Space 3 Review

A ‘visceral’ stomp?

by Daniel Geikowski

©2013 Daniel Geikowski

dead space 3 3It seems that during the course of gaming, various trends come and go, much like everything nowadays.

Whether they are visual styles, aesthetics, themes, mechanics or gameplay styles, many publishers attempt to incorporate these current trends into their games and franchises, with mixed results.

The Darkness II altered its visual style from a realistic to cell-shaded effect, reminiscent of the game’s comic origins.

Splinter Cell: Conviction ditched its primary focus on stealth and silence, opting to turn to a more “Bourne-like” action theme.

dead space 3 screenshots oxcgn #1The Fallout series was originally a top-down RPG, however Bethesda mixed things up in Fallout 3 by utilising a first person perspective, used in titles such as Oblivion, and later Skyrim.

Some hit the jackpot, while others damage their franchises by incorporating something which feels seemingly out-of-place.

Dead Space 3 is no different.

Dead Space 3 review

If You Don’t Like Dead Space 3, Speak With Your Wallet Not Your Keyboard

ARTICLE_dead space 3

If You Don’t Like Dead Space 3, Speak With Your Wallet

Not your keyboard

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Dead_Space_3_boxart_oxcgnDead Space 3 is still the same Dead Space we know and love, albeit with the inclusion of auto and semi-automatic weapon wielding Unitologist soldiers and Necromorphs.

Yes, the game now features a very basic cover system, and various intense action pieces which are fleshed out through the game dependent on the story.

These have not been included for the sake of including them because Visceral and EA wish to ruin the Dead Space franchise, but instead as producer on Dead Space 3 John Calhoun puts it in our interview which you can read here:

Other things like weapon crafting and other features, these are just ways of innovating and making sure that Dead Space isn’t stale. When people buy this game, we want them to make sure they get a good value. There’s a lot that’s new and everything that you love is still intact.

After playing through the first three hours of the title, the game still retains the same basic functions that made Dead Space such a great new IP when it was released in 2008. What do you think?