Old Games: Should Downloadable Content Be Free?

Old Games: Should Downloadable Content Be Free?

by dkpatriarch

© 2009 David Hilton

I would love to see sales figures for downloadable content for games that were released 1-3 years ago.  Some of this content hasn’t ever changed in price and competes with new release games’ downloadable maps and features.

Old Game Content Should Be Free

In a world where everything, including the retail games themselves, depreciates does this make any sense?

No it doesn’t.

But of course those in charge are certainly not obligated to lower prices or, even better, make the added content for older games free.  But it would be both logical and, well, nice.
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Ubisoft-Massive to make New MMO for Ubisoft Publishers


Recently Aquired Massive will produce MMO for Ubisoft

Not the World In Conflict title, but a fresh new IP

by XboxOZ360:

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Update: Check out the GRAW Ghost Enlistment with Major Mitchell at the bottom of this article.

massiveubiWith some companies feeling the pinch rather heavily, there are others such as Ubisoft, while still showing actual financial losses last quarter, are still in business and making strong headway due to continued investor support.

Ubisoft recently acquired Massive Entertainment, the developers behind the acclaimed World In Conflict Series, and Massive could go to no better home I might add.. So it came as no surprise today to find out Massive Entertainment will in fact be making a new brand MMO for Ubisoft, their new parent company.

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