OXCGN’s Rocksmith Review

OXCGN’s Rocksmith Review

For those to (realistically) rock

by Gav Ross

©2012 Gav Ross

Imagine how good you’d be if you spent all that time playing a real guitar instead of a plastic one.

It’s a line that has been haunting Guitar Hero and Rock Band tragics for years.

Being able to five-star hundreds of songs in either game’s Expert mode or nail a Dragonforce solo close to perfection is an admirable feat, to be sure, but even the most ardent defenders of the rhythm genre would have, at some point, had that nagging feeling deep in the recesses of their mind that maybe, just maybe, the naysayers are right.

The skill of being able to proficiently flex your digits across a few coloured buttons on a Fisher Price-like neck to match corresponding notes on a TV screen – what use does that serve in the real world, especially when there’s a realistic alternative?

Ubisoft’s entry to the rhythm game race is somewhat late, since the peripheral-based market effectively bottomed out almost three years ago, leaving sets of dusty, battery-draining drums and guitars hidden under beds and destined for landfill.

Rocksmith is a game-changer; the evolution of the genre we all imagined might one day be possible.

It’s just a shame it’s a tad tardy; if it dropped sometime between the second and third Guitar Hero releases in 2007/8 it would have changed the landscape completely.

Rock this way

Crying Doom for Call of Duty

Crying Doom for Call of Duty

Activision’s Flagship Franchise is not Long for this World

by Nicholas Capozzoli

©2012 Nicholas Capozzoli

In the fall of 2007 I was just beginning my first semester of grad school. Following a new friend’s suggestion one night, we ventured over to a nearby dive bar for a few pitchers, and to play a video game that the place was featuring as part of their nightly special.

The game was Guitar Hero.

My friend, as it turned out, was well versed with plastic instruments, blasting through Blue Oyster Cult‘s Godzilla as I plinked and plunked my way through alongside him. But as each new track went by I found myself rapidly improving, upping the difficulty and powering through tough solos with aplomb.

A passion was born that night, one that followed through to the release of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. I beat Metallica’s One to the cheers of classmates in studio. I remember the desperate relief and aching fingers that came from surviving Slayer’s Raining Blood.

But in the span of just a couple years my plastic guitars collect dust under my TV. Literally, they’re dust magnets. The most activity that they see is when they occasionally fall over and scare my dog.

The problem is self-evident: the instrument rhythm genre suffered from profuse over-saturation.

A staggering twelve games were released under the Guitar Hero name for consoles between 2005 and 2010, and that doesn’t include portable titles or mobile apps. There was far more than even the most devoted gamer could possibly want, and when the players found themselves sated, the bubble burst hard.

Two years out from the rhythm game implosion, and the genre is a radioactive wasteland.

Mutants like Rocksmith and BandFuse sift through the rubble, looking for scraps. Harmonix, maker of the original Guitar Hero and the Rock Band series, was sold for $50, and that’s not even a joke.

Is the end nigh? See for yourself…

OXCGN’s Rabbids: Alive & Kicking Review

OXCGN’s Rabbids: Alive & Kicking Review

by: Belgavion

©2011 Gav Ross

A Rabbids mini-game collection on Kinect is so obvious it’s a wonder Ubisoft didn’t push for it as a launch title over a year ago, much the way Rayman Raving Rabbids was a close-to-launch release for the 360 console.

The manic, beady-eyed, near-toothless little creatures and their WarioWare-like party games were decent fun back in 2006, so it makes sense for a similar Kinect offering to be an even more enjoyable experience?

Right? Not quite, it seems.

Ravin Rabbids create havock . . .

OXCGN’s Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review

by I Commentator I

© 2010 Declan S
Get your copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen now!

Guitar Hero; Van Halen joins the ranks of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero: Metallica as the next Guitar Hero installment that focuses on a particular band.

Having played all the renditions of both Guitar Hero and Rockband on the Xbox 360, it is hard to mask my initial disappointment at Van Halen.

Whilst both Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero have used the flashy new career mode system, which includes challenges that encompass all instruments and play styles, it is clear that Van Halen was produced before either of those games, because it reverts back to an old style which is similar to the other band specific games.

Whilst one set is full of Van Halen songs, the other is filled up with bands from other songs which include the likes of Queen, Tenacious D, The Offspring, The Clash, Yellowcard and more.

Eddy, Wolfgang, Alex, David . . . all here>

Cobain Chaos: Why Harmonix Wins & Activision Gets Sued

Why Activision “Knows Not What It Means”

by ChiefJimbolaya

© 2009 Aaron Klein

Kurt cobain oxcgnThere is a big hub bub on the net right now over the use of Kurt Cobain’s likeness as an unlockable character in Guitar Hero 5. This means Cobain can be the front man of your band while you perform the hits of Flava Flav and Bon Jovi.

While that may not initially seem like a big deal- gamers love unlockable characters- anyone familiar with Cobain’s work will get a creepy vibe upon watching this video of Cobain’s doppleganger in action.

• Activisions ‘vision’ of Kurt Cobain

Now compare that to some real footage of Cobain performing:

Follow for a fully detailed look at this sad state . . . >

OXCGN’s The Beatles: Rock Band Review – We’ve got a ticket to ride….

by ChiefJimbolaya

© 2009 Aaron Klein

The Beatles: Rock Band is nothing short of a masterpiece. Beatles fans span decades and this accessible yet challenging game bridges the generational divide. There is something for everybody to love in this game.Beatles Rock Band oxcgn #26

The band’s original fans will get a kick out of seeing The Beatles perform in the Cavern Club or on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Younger fans will love finally seeing Beatles songs released on the interactive Rock Band format.

Parents can play with children to expose them to their favorite band, and children can play with parents to expose them to video games.

Ticket to ride here . . .

Heidi Klum’s New “Exposure” into Gaming with GH:WT

Heidi Klum Does “her-thing” for Guitar Hero

A bit of “nice exposure” for Guitar Hero

by XboxOZ360:

©2008 Grant Smythe:

No, not this, the video clip below silly.
No, not this, the video clip below silly.

Tame, but AO in the USA . . oddly enough!

Well we can’t say stars do not want to get into games now. More and more major stars and celebrities are hovering around agents trying to snatch up the next appearance on a game be that via a voice-over, feature appearance, lead role and now, ads pushing various games.

Heidi Klum is no exception, with this latest effort from Activison, the publishers of Guitar Hero – World Tour, she got some ‘exposure’ around the world that some Americans find a little warm . . and in one source, terming it Adult Only . . hmmm.

However, for us Aussies it’s a walk in the park and reasonably tame when you see what happens and wanders around our famous beaches such as Bondi, Surfers Paradise, but she still looks the treat. Although admittedly, I would rather see her do this than Tom Cruise any day . .

However, I’m a little concerned and worried about the guitar in the end sessions on the lounge  . . . hmmm . . . think it might need some attention after that work out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

©2008 Grant Smythe:

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Guitar Hero 3 Review

Guitar Hero 3 Review

By BOONY for PM:


xboxoz360_icon581.png  The success that Guitar Hero has enjoyed over the last year has brought rhythm gaming to the forefront of the industry. So when news spread that when original Guitar Hero developer Harmonix had parted ways with Activision in favour of developing Rock Band, no doubt there were many who may have been sweating at the possible demise of the much beloved franchise. But never fear for Neversoft is here and has provided us with a follow up that stays true to the original formula. There are also some noteworthy additions to the franchise that fall on both sides of the coin, but in the end it is Guitar Hero and that is all the faithful wanted.

Continue reading Guitar Hero 3 Review