EB Expo 2011: OXCGN’s Halo: Anniversary Hands-On

Halo: Anniversary Hands-On

The old, the new and the 3D.

by AXiDER, formerly AXIS of Reality

©2011 Alex Baldwin

The EB Expo 2011 is off to an amazing start, and what it lacks in new announcements it makes up for in providing hands-on time for almost every major upcoming game.

But what can we learn from playing a game whose advertised is its unchanged decade-old gameplay? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

The very first thing I got down and dirty with was the campaign, and I was immediately struck with how well the gameplay has aged. Everything feels and is identical, but it just goes to show how little the core gameplay of first-person shooters has changed in ten years.

Diving into the 343 Guilty Spark swamp level, everything remained in sync with my memories. And that is not at all a bad thing, with no feeling of aged gameplay and much more active gunfights than the more modern focus on cover-based firefights. No iron-sights for you!

Is Halo Anniversary worth the time & effort – we think so . . .