OXCGN’s Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

ghosts review

OXCGN’s Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

Aiming high, but falling short.

by Jayden Perry

In the opening minutes of Call of Duty Ghosts you run through a collapsing town, jump to space and try to defend a space station, then watch as the world as we know it is decimated by high-powered missiles.

As you watch these amazing and out there scenarios play out, with everything exploding all around, you know that this is Call of Duty.

Ghosts marks the first Call of Duty game developed by Infinity Ward after their incredibly successful “Modern Warfare” series. Right from the word go you’ll notice the similar feeling of menus and text, but this game has a lot to offer in it’s new premise, extinction mode and surprisingly complex multiplayer.

Ghosts provides the player with a variety of modes in which to spend your time playing; Campaign, Squads/Multiplayer and Extinction.

Ghosts even takes you to fight on the final frontier; space!
Ghosts even takes you to fight on the final frontier; space!

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OXCGN @ EB Games Expo 2013: Day Three Snapshots


OXCGN @ EB Games Expo 2013

Day Three Snapshots

by Daniel Geikowski

©2013 Daniel Geikowski

The final day of the EB Games Expo saw OXCGN get a look at some titles they might have missed over the weekend.

It was a day to relax and take in the whole spectacle. Walk around, chat to gamers about their favourite experience so far, and go back for a second round of what games we enjoyed the most.

When OXCGN wasn’t lining up for their 37th round of Titanfall, we got a look at these upcoming games.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

YaibaOXCGN Staff: Daniel Geikowski

Preview: Hands-On

Impression: Hectic

Thoughts: I didn’t really know what to expect from Tecmo Koei’s Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, other than assuming it would have some hack-and-slash, combo-chaining gameplay.

Were my expectations blown out of the way.

Not only does Yaiba provide this type of gameplay, but it turns everything up to 11.

Yaiba exists in the same Ninja Gaiden universe as the previous titles, with players taking on the role of the ninja Yaiba.

The beginning sees Yaiba and series protagonist Ryu Hayabusa doing battle, in which Ryu slices apart the brazen Ninja, killing him.

Yaiba is then rebuilt with cybernetic parts from a mysterious organisation, who then goes on a quest for revenge, all the while dealing with a zombie infestation.

Ninja Gaiden Z is a more adult take on the series, with Yaiba himself full of profanites and violent tendencies.

The atmosphere follows suit too.

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What’s Next for Call of Duty?

feature_cod modern warfare redo

What’s Next for Call of Duty?

The future examined

by Kent Sobey

©2013 Kent Sobey

Call of Duty: Black OpsBack in 2011, just after Modern Warfare 3 had been released, I took a crack at what I thought would be the next Call of Duty game.

Well, it’s about that time of year again since they seem to do their announcements around April or May, so I thought I would give it another shot.

I came close last time (granted, I used the scatter gun approach by guessing several different options) but it might be a little trickier this time because the Modern Warfare franchise has come to an end (or has it?).

So, what are the options?

What does the future hold for Call of Duty? Find out…

Will COD-ifying Halo 4’s Multiplayer Make it Better?

Will COD-ifying Halo 4’s Multiplayer Make it Better?

by : GrathiusXR

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

You may have either checked out the GameInformer scans online or read over at examiner.com the broken down jist of the next Halo, and learned that Halo 4‘s multiplayer is somewhat different to what you last remembered it to be.

Whilst many are frustrated and angry that 343 Industries are riding the bandwagon and including features from the Call of Duty franchise creating “just another multiplayer game”, I and many others welcome this change so that Halo is continually solidifying itself as the definitive console first person shooter.

Halo 4: Modern Warfare this way

Why Call of Duty: Black Ops is Better Than Modern Warfare 3

Why Call of Duty: Black Ops is Better Than Modern Warfare 3

Multiplayer doesn’t always get better…

by: aksobey

©2012 Kent Sobey

I know that the title of this article will probably incite some sort of negative response from a lot of people but I refuse to take it back.

Black Ops was a resounding success for Activision no matter how you look at the sales, but a lot of the Modern Warfare 2 fans were not so sure about it.

When Modern Warfare 3 came out the multiplayer offering was widely accepted as nothing short of amazing. Well I’m here to discuss why Black Ops actually had a better multiplayer component. Continue reading Why Call of Duty: Black Ops is Better Than Modern Warfare 3

Where To Next For Call of Duty?

Where To Next For Call of Duty?

by: aksobey

©2011 Kent Sobey
What will the future hold?

Now that the hype from Modern Warfare 3 is starting to settle I thought it might be a good idea to speculate a little.

For the record, I have absolutely no idea what’s coming next in the Call of Duty franchise but wanted to throw a few ideas out there and see what the rest of you think.

If you haven’t finished Modern Warfare 3 just yet then you might not want to read on because there’s a strong possibility I could ruin the ending for you.

You have been warned!

Next COD this way

The Cursed Crusade vs. Modern Warfare 3: A Parable In Pacing

The Cursed Crusade vs. Modern Warfare 3: A Parable In Pacing

“The Tortoise and the Hare”

by: dkpatriarch

©2011 David Hilton

Okay, to quote that annoying Mentalist guy, “I know what you are thinking”.

You’re thinking, how the hell can someone seriously try to compare the gaming shooter juggernaut that is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to a little known independent studio’s medieval hack ‘n slash game The Cursed Crusade.

You’re thinking, this guy has been gaming way too much lately and has lost all sense of reality and probably needs more sleep.  And maybe you’re right.

But bear with me.

Lessons from Modern Warfare here

OXCGN’s Killzone 3 Debate: Would we STEAL IT for 360?

OXCGN’s Killzone 3 Debate: Would we STEAL IT for 360?

Was Killzone 3 over-hyped? Nick & Alex discuss the pros-n-cons.

by AXIS of Reality & exterminat

©2011 Alex Baldwin & ©2011 Nicholas Laborde

ED: We love other platform exclusives- especially those of us lucky enough to own the other platforms.  However we know there are those who prefer to keep to their 360, so we often ask if a big exclusive would have been great on the 360.

Not if it is realistic or not that the game would appear on it…just if 360 owners would have liked to ‘steal’ it.

This time though we have two staff members take a look and debate the worth of Killzone 3 on PS3.  It is often touted as the best exclusive shooter franchise on Sony’s platform- but is it more hype than reality?  Read the animated discussion below.

Speaking of Killzone and debates, this week we will also feature a gamer debate between myself and Nicholas: Be it resolved that Killzone isn’t ‘beautiful’.

Check back and see if you agree.

killzone 3 screenshots oxcgn #14Nicholas Laborde

Well, Alex, we’re not even started and I think this will be quite a heated debate!

Alex Baldwin

Probably. Since Killzone 3’s release I’ve seen so many conflicting opinions around it, but I guess that’s just the fate of platform-exclusive games


Always. But now for OUR special review! May the best [American] man win, sir.



But before we begin, I have a confession.


And what is that, Mr. Baldwin?


I wrote OXCGN’s review for Killzone 2, giving it a healthy 9.2/10 in the old rating system. Being quite honest, I think I would actually lower that a bit in hindsight

And so, let the debate begin . . .