Worms 3 Receives Free Christmas Update

Team17 have released a free Christmas themed update for their turn-based strategy hit Worms 3. The update includes:

  • 5 Christmas themed hats: Cracker, Penguin, Christmas hat, Turkey and Christmas Tree
  • 5 Christmas themed gravestones: Penguin, Cracker, Christmas Tree, Present and Candy Cane
  • Mines now appear as explosive Christmas puddings
  • Incoming! Strike based weapons are now dropped by Santa’s sleigh
  • Weapons crates now appear as festive presents

Worms3ChristmasCustomisation Worms3PuddingMine Worms3SantasSleigh

Worms 3 includes 36 single player campaign missions, single player Body count mode, 5 environment themes, asynchronous cross-platform multiplayer warfare, multiplayer Forts and Deathmatch modes, 4 classes of worm, strategic playing cards and all new weapons such as Nora’s Virus and Canned Heat. Worms 3 is available to download now for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch via the App Store, Android via the Google Play Store and Mac via the Mac App Store

E3 2014: World of Tanks: Blitz Preview

Tanks on the go!

At this year’s E3 the Wargaming team showed off their new mobile title, World of Tanks Blitz. The game is going to be released globally on iOS on June 26th, with an android version coming in the future, and will allow players to compete and battle tanks just like in the core World of Tanks game, but on their tablet or smart phone.


The version of the game I got to try out was the current version from the soft launch in Nordic countries, played with a fast connection speed in the United States. Upon opening the app I could choose my tank from the garage and upgrade it’s components with permanent and single use items (via the in-game store), much like in the PC version of the title. It all felt very familiar, and the intuitive and simple touch controls work great to both manipulate the camera and to customise your tank.

Battles play out against real opponents in teams of seven vs seven, I played against real people participating in the Nordic soft launch version. World of Tanks players will be well at home here, this app shares a lot of similarities with its PC counterpart once again, the main difference being that maps are much smaller in size for faster paced on the go gameplay. An especially neat feature of the app is the ability to customise the controls in the user interface, with each of the virtual buttons and analogue sticks able to be scaled or moved to allow a comfy and personalised layout for every player. The touch controls lend themselves well to the title, allowing both new and experienced players to jump in and do battle.

In terms of loading and lag, I had no issues with either. Even from a connection in the United States to Nordic servers it was easy and fast to find a match, and in-game assets loaded up in no time. As the game releases worldwide we should see plenty more players jumping on to the servers, but thus far both the game and servers seem to perform well on mobile devices. Wargaming has said that the app will even be playable on older devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, which is great for gamers that haven’t grabbed the latest iOS device.


The game will launch with three playable nations at first, Russia, the United States of America and Germany, with more to be added in the future. You’ll be able to use your existing Wargaming.net account for this title, and it will even incorporate friends and platoons as well as Facebook integration for invitations and sharing.

World of Tanks Blitz is free to download and play from the App Store now. You can find more information on the official site.

Razer Releases the Kraken Forged Headphones


Razer Releases the Kraken Forged Headphones

The best headphones on the market, period

by Arthur Kotsopoulos, Editor in Chief

Razer has just announced its latest product the Kraken Forged Headphones, which has ear cups crafted from aircraft-grade aluminium and finished with the ever so popular matte texture. Keeping up with other Razer products the Kraken has been hand assembled and matches the build and quality of its other premium products.

It’s been noted that Razer’s audio engineers spent hours fine-tuning the 40 mm bass-heavy drivers to offer perfection. As per the press release:

“The neodymium pair work in unison with the headphone’s acoustic chambers and isolated closed ear cup design to deliver booming bass, clear mids and crisp highs for sound that’s optimized for music and pitch-perfect for gaming.”

I have absolutely no idea what any of that means but I assume it nothing short of amazing. Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director Min-Liang Tan believes that these are the best headphones on the market for both gaming and music. period. He also states:

“We’ve made some incredible audio products in our time, and I’m proud to say that we have taken another huge step forward in terms of audio quality in a pair of headphones with phenomenal fit and finish.”

The Kraken Forged Headphones will retail for $399.95AUD and are available JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and EB Games both in store and online. If you want more information about these headphones, head over to http://www.razerzone.com/Kraken-Forged.


Click to read the technical specifications

Clingo Universal Game Pad Review


Clingo Universal Game Pad Review

A great handheld alternative controller if you will

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

Thanks to MobileZap, I was sent a nifty little mobile phone accessory by the name of the Clingo Universal Game Pad. What this peripheral is, is like a controller with a sticky adhesive pad that you can put almost any size phone on, and play away at your favourite games.

There’s no installation, no waiting period, you just slap that phone on and away you go. Almost instantly what I realized, was that the controller despite its glossy texture is easily susceptible to sweat. If you find yourself on the train and it’s crazy hot outside, your palms will start sweating, which then makes the controller a little hard to hold.

You can easily just wipe your hands down with a towel or on your pants, but with many products today slowly stating to feature sweat-resistant matte finishes, you would hope something like this would have it to.

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OXCGN’s Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam iOS KidGamer Review

OXCGN’s Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam iOS KidGamer Review

Steampunk Spinning on Apple

KidGamer reviews titles that may be appropriate for younger gamers on a variety of platforms, including Kinect and iOS.  He is a tween who held a game controller before he learned to walk.

by KidGamer

© 2012 KidGamer

Whenever I think of puzzle games I think Tetris (boring!) but this game impressed me a lot.

Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam from developer Naoplay is what I would call a puzzle platformer.

From jumping off walls to a moving wheel and then on to another, or missing your jump and drowning in toxic steam, this game has all the elements and more that a puzzle platformer game needs on smartphones.

Better yet, the first 10 levels are free.

Touch here for KidGamer review

OXCGN’s Split! iOS Review

OXCGN’s Split! iOS Review

Survival of the Fastest

by Chris Fox

©2012 Chris Fox

Split! is a cover-based shooter for iOS from Touchy Interactive.

It’s not a cover-based shooter in the way you might imagine, though. It’s a top-down lateral thinking puzzler in which you command two prison escapees (Red and Blue) as they dodge and take out guards in their bid for freedom.

With an interesting and original take on the puzzle formula, Split! brings hair-tearingly tough and strategic challenges to your chosen iDevice.

Should you buy, or should you split?

E3 2012: Sea of Mediocrity? No big surprises, but should there be?

E3 2012: Sea of Mediocrity?

No big surprises, but should there be?

by David Hilton

©2012 David Hilton


Disappointment abounds.

That’s the sentiment I see repeated all over the place about E3 2012, and specifically, with the possible exception of Ubisoft, the big conferences.

Often it is a case of announcements that were hoped for not appearing, like the next gen (despite the fact it was stated there would be no next gen announced) or the fact that we knew most of the announcements going in.

Or, in the case of the Wii U, a feeling of scepticism or, in the case of the PS Vita, a stunned “where are the games and price cut”?

There were very few surprises.

A “sea of mediocrity” as one commenter put it.

But does this mean E3 2012 is a big disappointment?

No.  Not for those who like games, and particular promising new IPs.

Is this E3 mediocre or just what is should be? Look here

Playstation Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS Comparative Analysis – Which ‘wins’?

Playstation Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS Comparative Analysis

Which portable ‘wins’?

by: AXiDER

©2012 Alex Baldwin

With the PlayStation Vita‘s launch finally here, the 2nd and last member of the current handheld generation has joined the Nintendo 3DS in proving that dedicated handheld gaming consoles are still relevant in the age of smartphones and tablets.

With that in mind, I’ve put both devices through their paces to find the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

I hereby present OXCGN’s definitive comparative guide to the latest and greatest handheld consoles.

Vita vs. 3DS this way