THQ Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Launch Party Rumble

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

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THQ Smackdown Raw night oxcgn #Ah, wrestling.  At one point in our lives, many of us may well have been glued to our television screen writhing in agony as we watch our favourite wrestler defend the title belt in a thrilling match full of high risk moves and more sweat that you can find on a footy field in summer heat.

However, after awhile the sport gets stale and story-lines get a tad predictable and boring- which is sort of what the Smackdown vs Raw franchise has been the last couple of years.

Lovely girls, facepaint, beer, sweaty bodies . . . >

THQ’s Street Fighter IV Media Tournament


THQ’s Street Fighter IV Media Tournament

Capcom’s found the best of friends…

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Don't mess with this Chun Li & Ryu, as you might come off second best.

Here at OXCGN we increasingly get invited to a whole host of events put on by developers and publishers alike.

Some are good, some are ordinary, and some are missed opportunities. But once in a while they are full of awesome. THQ, in bed with Mango and Capcom, did just that last month.

On a warm Sydney night with a head scarf and a slightly inflated ego OXCGN attended a fantastic event all in the name of Street Fighter IV. What’s remarkable is literally nine days earlier Street Fighter IV didn’t have a distributor here in Oz because the local distributor Red Ant went bust!

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