Elder Scrolls Online – “It’s all about player choice”


Elder Scrolls Online – “It’s all about player choice”

A look at the character progression systems in the upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO

by Jayden Perry

I have been excited for The Elder Scrolls Online since the day it was announced. An MMO set in the complete Elder Scrolls world sounds incredible, and we’ve been slowly drip fed information ever since, with each new piece of footage looking better and better. Now Zenimax Online has given us an in-depth look at the character progression systems inside Elder Scrolls Online in a brand new video.

Upon beginning the game you choose a race and a class, setting up the character’s build. The race choice allows a set of exclusive abilities, and the class unlocks three unique skill lines to the class. All characters can access basic skills, such as the weapon and armor skills. More skills can be found in-game by joining guilds, making the choice to be a vampire or werewolf and many more.

Your character, your way.
Your character, your way.

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OXCGN’s The Secret World Review: A secret best kept or shared?

OXCGN’s The Secret World Review

A secret best kept or shared?

by Caleb Maxted

© 2012 Caleb Maxted

From Funcom, the creators of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, comes The Secret World, an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) set in the modern-day, with exciting gameplay that will capture your attention for many hours on end.

If you enjoy thrashing zombies with or without your friends and having a choice from hundreds of special abilities, then look no further than The Secret World.

Funcom has created an interesting MMORPG with a difference; you aren’t a medieval warrior, ranger or mage and you aren’t a sci-fi space captain.

In this game you will find yourself starting as just a local citizen in a warped version of our modern-day reality with a weapon, with the potential to become practically a god with cool skill-based powers that you can choose from.

Mythology and legends come alive and infest our world, and as a member of one of three ‘secret society’ factions, the Templars, the Illuminati and the Dragon, you must survive and prevail against the odds.

The Secret World review here

OXCGN’s RaiderZ Preview and Beta Key Giveaway

OXCGN’s RaiderZ Preview and Huge Giveaway

CompetitionZ: WIN Beta Keys and a Trip to PAX Prime!

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Perfect World Entertainment had an extremely successful E3 this year, with Neverwinter and RaiderZ their two Free to Play (F2P) MMO RPGs receiving wide-spread applause from gamers and critics.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to check out both games (you can check out my Neverwinter preview here).

Today I’m going to talk about RaiderZ, the other Free to Play MMORPG that MAEIT Entertainment, best known for GunZ/ The Duel, have cooked up.

If you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter franchise then this game is right up your alley.

Also be sure to enter our HUGE competition for closed beta keys and a TRIP to PAX Prime.

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WIN! The Secret World T-Shirts from EA Australia

WIN!  The Secret World T-Shirts from EA Australia

Join the Illuminati, Templars, or Dragons!

by David Hilton

© 2012 David Hilton

I love secrets.

Especially the ones people share with me and make me promise not to tell anyone (which I promptly find someone else to tell).

EA have just released The Secret World, a massively multiplayer online game set in our own, modern-day world.

The player is a member of one of three secret societies, the Illuminati, the Templars, or the Dragon.

Conspiracies abound.

Creatures walk our streets.

And secrets are revealed…(not by me though; I’d of course never do that!)

The Secret World Competition here

E3 2012: Get ready for Neverwinter to consume your life (for free)

E3 2012: Get ready for Neverwinter to consume your life (for free) 

Winter is coming…

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

I’ve never been a huge fan of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games and I can safely say that World of Warcraft is the ONE game I have not been tainted by.

I enjoyed Warcraft 3, however I didn’t see any personal appeal with World of Warcraft MMORPG.

No matter how many times people tried to shove it down my throat, I resisted and gave my time to other games which I felt had more depth and meaning.

This negative approach to MMORPG’s could change however when Neverwinter hits BETA and is eventually released, because in all honesty playing this for roughly 20 minutes on the final day of E3 totally sucked me in.

Neverwinter: Winter is coming here

OXCGN’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Impression

OXCGN’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Impression

An Epic Star Wars Adventure Awaits You!

by: Allegionary

©2011 Alex Hilton

The evil Sith were presumed to be extinct by the members of the Galactic Republic, only ruins and artifacts remaining to remind of their existence.

But they were wrong.

The Sith Order returned from the dead with force, taking over their original home planet Korriban with a swift and powerful strike.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is set during this turmoil where the Sith are rampaging through the galaxy and the Galactic Republic is belatedly trying to stop them.

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The Jungle: New Handheld On The Way?

The Jungle: New Handheld On The Way?

Can Panasonic manage a new handheld – or?

by : XboxOZ360

©2010 Grant Smythe

Well it seems Panasonic want to get into the handheld gaming act, and could be producing an online unit that will amongst other things, allow great MMO activity through its new website, Jungle.com.

While it has yet to be ‘officially’ announced, the pics and video of “The Jungle” could mean yet another handheld is heading our way, but can the market take it, or want it, and better still, could Panasonic pull it off, especially after their past blunder with the 3DO many years ago.

Sure, times have changed, but to produce a handheld that has both a decent keyboard, touch-screen and online gaming would require a significant amount of investment, and that means a higher than normal retail price. What could be the reason behind it . . .