Injustice: It’s not another MK v DC Universe

Injustice: It’s not another MK v DC Universe 

For one thing, it has Batman!

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Upon arriving at Warner Bros booth to check out Injustice: Gods Among Us which is being developed by Netherrealm Studios, my expectations had not been set.

I had a completely open mind, ready for whatever they had to throw at me.

I spent the next 20-30 minute sitting with no prior knowledge about this game apart from the fact that it’s set in the DC Universe and it’s the second DC fighting game developed by Netherrealm Studios.

Injustice: Ready…fight! This way

OXCGN’s E3 2012 Snapshot: Day 3: New Games Previewed

OXCGN’s E3 2012 Snapshot: Day 3: New Games Previewed

Even more bite-sized previews

by David Hilton

©2012 David Hilton


Games are ultimately what draws the press from around the world to Los Angeles for E3.  The chance to see, play, and preview the newest announced or displayed games from around the globe.

But that’s just for the press.

We don’t want you to completely miss out though, or wait for long detailed descriptions on the games you want to know about now.

So we are running around like chickens with our heads chomped off (by ZombiU zombies?) to give you mini-previews of as many games as possible.

Each day we’re going to list a short snippet regarding each game, listing what we “got” – whether that is hands-on time, a trailer, et cetera – our impressions based upon that, and then our thoughts.

Click Here for Day 1

Click Here for Day 2

Impressions are judged with a badge based upon the impression itself.

Green: game looks fantastic, polished and basically a guaranteed winner

Yellow: game looks great, but there’s a bit of uncertainty or something that didn’t quite work right

Orange: game is shaping up, but needs some work.

And now, let’s get down to business!   Day 3!

E3 Day 3 2012 Game previews, click here

OXCGN’s Mortal Kombat Review: Kool or Krap Kombat?

OXCGN’s Mortal Kombat Review

A brutal return to the fighting genre

by : GrathiusXR

©2011 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Whilst the movie is still far from being revived and though Kevin Tancharoen’s mini web series received less than stellar responses, Mortal Kombat has been brought back to its roots by Netherrealm Studios, the newly formed company under Ed Boon and Warner Bros (WB) replacing Midway.

With the earlier iteration titled Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, fans of the beloved franchise cried foul.

The game was nowhere near the same caliber as previous MK games, with stale game play and fatalities that were pretty lame and looked like regular combo moves.

That, however, has changed with Mortal Kombat under Netherrealm Studios. Continue reading OXCGN’s Mortal Kombat Review: Kool or Krap Kombat?

MK vs DC Review: 2 worlds collide for the better!


MK vs DC Review:

2 worlds collide for the better!

avatar-body2By GrathiusXR

©2008 Arthur Kotsopoulos:

It’s brutal, violent and still holds that MK charisma

Well its been a long wait for the first next-gen Mortal Kombat (MK) game,  and for many fans like myself the announcement of MK vs DC Universe was something of a surprise and shock. Our beloved MK characters battling the heroes and villains of DC? What did this mean for the brutal+violent Mortal Kombat?

Click any image for full rez view

It meant a more toned down version of what we had come to love over the past decade. Less graphic/gory fatalities by every MK character and the inclusion of a proper, more believable storyline.

Many thought at first that it wouldn’t work, that it was “doomed to fail” and so on. Though Midway have ensured that it may be less graphic and violent, it still possesses that quirky charisma and corny voice acting, the staple of every MK game.

Jax is still the macho metal arm swinging enforcer, Sub-Zero and Scorpion still have their quarrels to settle and so on, and while the fatalities are more toned down,  certain character moves are still funny, eg: Liu Kangs fatality consists of a MK Arcade machine falling on his opponent.

With all this change and new direction you need to ask yourself, how do the Game play, graphics and controls pan out? Like almost every second game to grace the 360, MK vs DC uses the Unreal 3 Engine to produce what I have to say is one of the best games to utilise the engine.

Come visit the Joker’s lair just here . . .