Killer Instinct Out of Sync?

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Killer Instinct Out of Sync?

A one off or recurring problem?

by Arthur Kotsopoulos, Editor in Chief

If this is real, then it is absolutely insane and Double Helix or Microsoft need to speak up, as to what the hell is going on. Calvin Morrow recently uploaded a video on Youtube which showcases the same battle between two different character, which for the majority of the match appears out of sync.

If you watch the video then you’ll see the same moves being registered but happening at the different times.

Over at NeoGAF if you frequent you can check out this thread, and read other users thoughts on this. Some say that the game pits you against AI when the game fall out of sync hence why it is such a smooth experience.

I personally haven’t had the chance to test out Killer Instinct online as of yet and I highly doubt the game would actually throw you against AI whilst it tries to sync, but then again weirder stuff has happened before.

I say it is best to share this around to see if this is a one off glitch in the net-code or an actual recurring problem.

If however it is a problem with the game or the net-coding what does that say about Microsoft’s cloud technology which is said to drastically reduce waiting periods in finding online matches or even enhancing game experiences?

For the moment we can speculate all we want with the given information, but I’ll hold my breath to see if any official announcement or acknowledgement is made.

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PC To Be Primary Platform for Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

PC To Be Primary Platform

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde
Console version? HA! Good one!

From the get-go, fans have been extremely worried that the PC version (aka the real version) of Battlefield 3 would be nothing more than a crappy console port, like what happened with Bad Company 2.

DICE was aware of these allegations and made sure to clear up the issue, and their answers may get console players in a bit of a tiffy.

As the first details surfaced about Battlefield 3, it was clear from what they detailed that the console versions will clearly be inferior, simply for the fact that the PC version will contain 64-player versus compared to the console versions which will only contain 24-player sessions (although the console versions will be matches as closely as possible in terms of specs to the PC version).

Try having jets with 24 people! That’s a funny thought, and I laugh as my glorious PC copy has already been preordered. PC will be the best platform for BF3, come and see…